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  1. Onygox


    Ygritte is a Boss Battle inspired by the Legend of Zelda series and Monster Hunter. Featuring: Different Enemy behaviors based on amount of health Pixel Art Adjustable Volume and UI levels Two scenes - one for practicing and one for the Real Fight Slowing down time sometimes Ygritte is (probably) minimally playable with a gamepad, but is untested. Keyboard and Mouse is recommended. Character Abilities and Controls Walk / Sprint WASD or Joystick, shift or X to toggle sprint Shoot Crossbow left mouse button / A, with a cooldown Shield / Deflect hold right mouse button / right bumper / left bumper to hold shield up. Attacking while doing so to deflect with a cooldown. (Also you move slower while shield is up.) Dash / Dodge Q / E / Y button while moving in a direction Melee / Bash / Stun left mouse button / A while in melee range of enemy Start / Select / Escape Pause / unpause the game
  2. Onygox


    A game where you push robots into water by moving the earth! A game where you push robots into water by moving the earth! Push tiles by tapping an adjacent tile in your desired direction. When you do, your tile pushes every other solid (non-water) tile in front of you in that direction. You cannot, however, push toward a mountain tile. Whenever you move, each enemy's action timer decreases by one. When it reaches zero, they attack the endangered space(s) in front of them. Destroy enemies or tiles by pushing them off of the edge or into chasms. Destroy all enemies without dying to complete the level! Available on Google Play! (Potentially releasing on the Apple App Store soon?) Credits Created by munro and onygox. Music by Antti Luode Thanks to Gravity Sounds for some sound effects Special Thanks to Kurt Bieg, Henry Lam, and the rest of our playtesters and classmates.
  3. Onygox


    Click on triangles to change their visibility. When a shape is invisible, you pass right through it! Reach the goal in each level to win.
  4. Onygox


    Complete three laps before anyone else to win the trophy! Compete against up to three other people in this fast-paced local multiplayer racer inspired by Mario Kart and B-mo Dreamo. The main mechanic is switching sides of the track in order to avoid randomly generated obstacles. Other features include: drifting around corners and a gradual increase in speed the farther behind you are, to give the players in back a chance for redemption. The main skills tested are - quick reflexes due to an ever-changing configuration of obstacles, and skill with handling acceleration and turning of a vehicle. Only been tested with Xbox 360 controllers and with keyboard. Controls: Keyboard: Accelerate and decelerate: P1: W and S, P2: T and G, P3: I and K, P4: Up and Down Arrows Turn: P1: A and D, P2: F and H, P3: J and L, P4: Left and Right Arrows Switch Gravity: P1: Q, P2: R, P3: U, P4: / Drift: Automatic Gamepad: Accelerate and decelerate: Right and Left Triggers Turn: Left Joystick Switch Gravity: A/X Drift: Hold left and right triggers while turning Credits Game design by Lionel Miele-Herndon Programming by Lionel Miele-Herndon, John Bruneau, and Unity forum member Nomibuilder Sounds: Youtube user Gravity Sounds and freesound.org users ukle, erik90, claire-h, and jackmurrayofficial Music: Dub Star by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena & In a Heartbeat by Kevin MacLeod Skybox by Avionx 3D Models by Lionel Miele-Herndon, Wilson Diaz Antigua, and Scott Kennell
  5. Onygox


    Album for Ygritte
  6. Onygox


    Album for Caldera
  7. Onygox


    Album for Graviverse
  8. Onygox


    Album for INVISIBLE
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