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  1. Jonek52

    Game Engine Development - first job

    Thank you all for responses! You've been very helpful. Happily, I was given the opportunity to take the almost exact same role, but with C++. I accepted the offer obviously.
  2. Jonek52

    Game Engine Development - first job

    I consider myself to be intermediate C++ programmer with slightly worse Java knowledge As far as I know, they are responsible for making game engine that is later used by other casino game developers.
  3. Hi, I would like to ask for advice regarding my first job. I've been interested in game engine development for some time now and I was offered a role of Game Engine Developer few days ago. The only "problem" is the fact that the game engine is: written for game terminals, the ones that you can find in casinos. it is written in Java My question is how will the experience gained in developing such engine help me in future jobs? I always wanted to make game engines for AAA games and I'm having some tough time making a decision, because I really don't know how many similarities there are between making computer game vs game terminal games. Another thing is of course Java. I know that 90% game engines for triple A games are written in C++ and that is also considerable downside for me...
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