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  1. Hi, Okay i have better understanding of the logic i have to use thx ! i think i need to do more research about networking, some aspect are very dark for me at this moment, i wil open new thread if i have more question thx again for your help !
  2. Hi everyone, I'am student developper, and i have big interest to video game, i have all the competences to create a solo game but now i would like to growth and jump into multiplayer, i know it exist a lot of framework for gameserver but i want to create my own server, i have all technical competencies C, C++, c#, node and i can easily learn other langage, i am here to asking your help, i search a lot about game server i found some really usefull article talked about authoritative server, state interpolation, state synchronisation and so on, but i didn't found a concret simple example so if some of you found usefull ressource, can you share with me please? for example, how can i synchronize my received state from 2 client about the same entity? (for example taking ARK, when to player hitting the same rock to gather stone) what is the fomat of the packet sending from the server to the client how can i ensure the packet order in the right way? how to format my packet from client to server i think some example could help me a lot thx to all ( sorry for my bad english )
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