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  1. Hi, sorry for my late reply. I'm currently satisfied with an Artist who draws the game. But maybe the SFX Part could be nice, do you mind contacting me via a private message?
  2. I'll send you more details via PM.
  3. Hi @lollydipstick I'm open to other art style. Personally I would prefer something which is kind of cute, but since I'm not an artist, its hard to tell, what kind of art style would be suitable. 🙂 The current art style is just like it is because of the free assets I've used.
  4. Mini Plane (https://miniplanegame.com) is a little Flappy Bird clone. You have to "jump" to survive, collect stars for points, collect fuel for your plane and maybe even collect a rocket to shoot the Red Baron. The game itself is fully developed and ready to release (Android and iOS Store Tests are available), but since I'm a coder and not an artist, I've used free assets. Unfortunately, the assets are used in other games as well, so it's not really unique. Mini Plane is my first game, I've learned a lot doing it (also I'm a professional coder by day coding business software, but game dev is something completely different). I'm not planning to make money with the game (Advertisements are implemented, its the players choice to watch them). What I'm looking for is someone who is currently in a 2D artist learning process as well and looks for a use case to draw, being sure that the game will be released. As said, the game itself is fully coded and ready to release - just the graphics part is something I'd like to change before releasing. Greetings Manu
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