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  1. Me and my girlfriend are in the very first stages of creating a game, debating themes, design, etc. I have some basic knowledge of game design, but want to study the best I can so that, one day, we can bring our project to life in the best way possible. What are some of the best books I should read to learn more? What other methods can I use to learn more about this topic? Thanks in advance!
  2. The title basically says it. I'm unhappy in my current career and I want to return to my original idea when I graduated from high school. My wife told me I should follow my dreams and this has been the one I keep coming back to. I just dont know where to start. I don't have a degree and I do need to keep my current job until I can make some money at this. What do I do?
  3. I heard about this industry being extremely cutthroat and horrific with pay, lay-offs and hours etc... So I wanted to ask if anyone has any personal opinions or experiences working there.
  4. Hi, guys. So, I study Computer Science since 2013 and I was thinking about what made me choose CS. And I clearly remember that in 2013 I quit Engineering and started CS because I wanted to make games. I went through a lot of discussions with my parents because they didn't want me to quit and all of that, but anyways, my point is: games made me choose CS. It's been two years, and every now and then I stop and think about life and what career will I choose, because I don't really know if I want to make games anymore. And that's because in 2 years, I only heard bad things about the industry (not the quality of games itself, but working there). Since the start, everyone said it's the worst career in CS I could choose, because the pay is the lowest and the the work-life balance is horrible too. I wanted to know from you guys if that's really true, maybe people just repeat what they heard and don't actually know what it's really like. If you're indie, then maybe you need to give all of your time to work because you're basically the whole company. But is it really like that? And even in AAA companies? Hugs!
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