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  1. Pulkit Arora

    Universe: A journey.

    A walk through of our universe, our Solar system. Also game min games in it, at every step. This app will enlighten you with space facts and would amaze you with stunning graphics. Also there are mini games at every step that you will love and enjoy. This app is for all the space enthusiast out there and for children who wants to learn facts about space. Please play and share you reviews. Don't forget to give ratting . Thanks
  2. Pulkit Arora

    Ants Cutter

  3. Pulkit Arora

    Clone Clone Clone ~

    Clone Clone Clone ~ You all might have played the chrome T-rex game, but I can assure you, this is not a regular Chrome T-rex game, This game have a lots of twists and turns, Check your self, Available, Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iconic.Dino Itch.io: https://pseudogamer01.itch.io/dino-dash gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/dinodashrun/403921 Kingretgate: https://www.kongregate.com/games/PseudoGamer01/dino-dusty-run-t-rex Now on face book: https://www.facebook.com/games/?fbs=-1&app_id=618674088595035&preview=1&locale=en_US Like and Share! regards #playstore #game #facebook #T-rex #Dinasource
  4. Pulkit Arora

    Dusty Dino Run

    Dino Dusty Run: An Endless Runner Game. Our T-Rex running on full speed, you need to save it from obstacles, jump or duck. Some thing like but with more addictive game play. Collects letters to earn extra life and play. A free game for children, adult or any one who loves 8 bit game, This game have Dinosaurs, 8 Bit environment and many twist to offer. Inspired from chrome dino. But have flavor of its own.
  5. Pulkit Arora

    Rising Santa

    Album for Rising Santa
  6. Pulkit Arora

    Rising Santa

  7. Pulkit Arora

    Rising Santa

  8. Pulkit Arora

    Zombie Apocalypse Iconic

    Album for Zombie Apocalypse Iconic
  9. Pulkit Arora

    Zombie Apocalypse

    " zombie apocalypse " Hold mouse left click to Move Gun. Left Cntrl: Bullet shoot. Left Shift: Bajuka/ rocket launcher. Z: Grenade through. Space: Fire start. W: Gear shift. S: Gear down. A: Move Left. D: Move Right. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Zombie game with machine gun, loaded grenades, This is a 2 minute game where you have a really Rowdy Car, which can give you a great amount of force that will be used to push Zombies long way in air. You are on a high way, make your way by Hit as many as Zombies possible. It is kind of car race with time, just for 2 minutes. This Monster truck can be crashed or get into some real accident. But don't worry you can always Reset that. You must have fun while playing this game.
  10. Pulkit Arora


    Album for Strings
  11. Pulkit Arora


    Music + Acoustic + Guitar + Endless^^ A music game for kids , adults and anyone who love soothing sound of guitar. It is not another any Instruments games or Rhythm game. You will see when you play it. This game can be music activities for kids , time killer for adults or challenge to gamer. I have guitar chords, drum rolls and many more things. 6 guitar strings are ready to play, with high quality sounds, Nice game play, Wonder full power ups, Beautiful formations. This game lots of thing to offer, See your self. Also this is endless free game, Boom Boom, what else you can expect. Make your beautiful day even brighter.
  12. Pulkit Arora


    Album for Strings
  13. Pulkit Arora


  14. Pulkit Arora

    Glass Smasher

    you can rotate your screen by holding left Alt/control + Move mouse, or clicking you mouse down and moving the mouse. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A new addictive game for the you guys, you have steel balls, glasses are thrown at you from random directions, swipe screen to to aim and break the glass, some glass are hard to break, make use of full power, Chained glass will bring higher difficulty, Hang in there, and make the highest score, that no one can beat, Play on, Cheers.
  15. Pulkit Arora

    Glass Smasher

    Album for Glass Smasher
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