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  1. Yeah sure mojo we do actually nee a scripter join our discord here : https://discord.gg/6rHcWe
  2. Jamieh

    I looking for a Team

    I’ve joined and messaged on there
  3. That’s amazing to hear, it’s really hard to find a team that’s passionate enough to actually finish a project, the plans are to get a fully functional prototype, then submit it for a dev grant to fund the remainder of the project, it will be done through ue4, all assets will be modular and optimised through the use of lods as we are looking to have 100 player servers running continually, I also want to obtain a license from ncs and montercat so in game music will be a possibility.
  4. Jamieh

    I looking for a Team

    Discord name didn’t work
  5. Awesome stuff, how are you with weapon FX I’ll be starting a game dev discord when I get enough people interested, I’m looking at a multi seat license fx plugin for ableton called weaponizer if you’ve heard of it
  6. Jamieh

    I looking for a Team

    Advice though would be to start a game dev discord, help with communication
  7. Jamieh

    I looking for a Team

    Well I’m looking for collaborators too could work on a project with you, I’ve also posted aswell
  8. Jamieh

    Looking for resources about fps arm rigs.

    Look at LinkedIn learn a course in zbrush then study the human anatomy, I could model and texture an arm rig for you, but it wouldn’t be until next week. ill find some recourses for you. Re-texture these it could do the job but note it’s a personal use item. https://free3d.com/3d-model/rigged-arms-70858.html
  9. Hello people, im looking for a team to work on a project for a large scale RPG, I’m currently a game art student studying a degree at university, services I bring to the table is 3D weapon modelling, asset creation, environmental art, terrain creation and basic knowledge of Ui design, the weapon of choice would be UE4, I have a long list of paid addons such as PLE (procedural eco system) spline blueprints and a lot more, I’m not talking of doing a small indie game I’m talking a large scale role playing community, the type of people I’d like to have are character artists/riggers, vehicle modellers, visual scripters, sound artists and graphic designers........ lets make something awesome I’ll add some of my scenes the one below is for the game, it’s a rebel outpost for illegal firearms and drug manufacturing.
  10. Jamieh

    I looking for a Team

    Well I’m an environmental artist, weapon designer, 3D modeller and also design terrains some of my work below.
  11. Jamieh

    Looking for some collaborators

    What you looking for ?
  12. Jamieh

    I looking for a Team

    What do you need ?
  13. Jamieh

    I looking for a Team

    Hobby or paid ?
  14. Jamieh

    First post - sawn off shotgun

    Thank you 😀
  15. Hello people so I’m a student at university studying a games art degree and I’ll post my projects for feedback and also help any of you guys as much as I can, this project was modelled in 3ds max, normals baked in substance designer and textured in substance painter
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