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  1. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 01

    🤐 Can barely wait as well !
  2. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 02

    Thanks so much for covering this Eck - and for the Parser document! I particularly like your elegant solution with the error messages, not only showing the line, but also providing actual useful data (such as Salvage must be divisible by 4). Thoroughly enjoying these Blog entries, both for the BattleTech subject and content that is applicable outside of BT. I'll second the comments on AMechWarrior's work - what he has done with the FlashPoint editor, just through trial and error (and more than a few questions to the ever helpful HBS staff) is nothing short of amazing!
  3. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 01

    Thank you for posting this Eck - and I look forward to seeing more of these (as your time allows)! Would love to see a future one that talks about some of the tools you made and are in the bundle (like the Flashpoint maker). I'm sure it is safe to say that the Modding Community appreciates the work you do, and how you (and many other HBS staff)work to make our lives easier :D Thanks again!
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