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  1. JustinKase

    Car Wars 02 - Pedestrian Movement

    Very happy to see more progress on this! Good call starting with the turn based, you can always later convert it over to a more complex design in the future once you have the basic mechanics down. Put me in the camp of 'I hope they reach out to you to make it a published game' rather than C&D
  2. JustinKase

    Car Wars Personal Project

    OMG - love the retro style music Very excited to see this pet project of yours come to fruition! Between this, Battletech and the Necromunda game coming out - I'm an extremely happy big-kid
  3. JustinKase

    Ecks Type - Side Scroller Challenge

    I may be a little older 😜 But it does sound like we may be minted in the same era https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDqUExRE9FQ
  4. JustinKase

    Ecks Type - Side Scroller Challenge

    Convoy (https://store.steampowered.com/app/318230/Convoy/ satisfied the itch for a good amount of time. But I miss Autoduel & Roadwar 2000/Europa - such fun games! Racing Destruction Set is another that I spent far too much time playing
  5. JustinKase

    Ecks Type - Side Scroller Challenge

    Next up - project Autoduel?
  6. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 07

    Very glad you put in that randomization code for the drop timing, being able to vary an animation like that to provide a degree of randomness is another excellent touch on an already superb game. I can see where some might not like the more 40k style drop pods over jet packs and chutes, but these definitely look amazing!! Maybe down the road for BT 2 they'll let you introduce variable drop types Congrats on the HCT-3X!!!! I suppose you better warn your wife that once the BT universe moves up to 3050 and the Clans you will need to have 2 more kids for the HCT-5X
  7. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 06

    Very interesting in the way the map changes are applied and even more interested in the variables that can be applied! Looks like we can make it more dangerous by upping the stability damage in a radius, with a chance of knocking over 'Mechs. Plus, not I eagerly await the first RogueTech 'Seeder' Artillery that will sprout entire forests in minutes
  8. JustinKase

    Blood Bowl 4 Diamonds Cup

    Kudos Eck! Very impressive showing - and I still owe the guy in 1st place a trophy from a tournament I don't even know how many years ago (I built and prepped it - then moved and lost it among all my boxes - wound up buying another tower to try to make that one insted - sorry Ken! ) The pic of you with your BattleTech Tatoo is great
  9. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 01

    🤐 Can barely wait as well !
  10. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 02

    Thanks so much for covering this Eck - and for the Parser document! I particularly like your elegant solution with the error messages, not only showing the line, but also providing actual useful data (such as Salvage must be divisible by 4). Thoroughly enjoying these Blog entries, both for the BattleTech subject and content that is applicable outside of BT. I'll second the comments on AMechWarrior's work - what he has done with the FlashPoint editor, just through trial and error (and more than a few questions to the ever helpful HBS staff) is nothing short of amazing!
  11. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 01

    Thank you for posting this Eck - and I look forward to seeing more of these (as your time allows)! Would love to see a future one that talks about some of the tools you made and are in the bundle (like the Flashpoint maker). I'm sure it is safe to say that the Modding Community appreciates the work you do, and how you (and many other HBS staff)work to make our lives easier :D Thanks again!
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