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  1. gh0stam

    New composer, looking to connect!

    Hey Nate! Thanks so much for listening. Funny you should say that, I originally wanted sax on that song! My dad plays, and I played throughout High School, so I'm always hearing parts. Some of my favorite fusion pieces are Yoko Kanno's Tower of Babel, as well as the Mirrormask soundtrack by Iain Ballamy. I would love to let you play on the track! Message me if you are interested and I'll shoot you some stems. I'd love to chat and pick your brain sometime, as I'm just getting into this world. Thanks again for reaching out. gh0stam
  2. Hey all, I'm gh0stam, a brand new venture which is hoping to score your games. I work in any style and and am actively looking for a project(s) to jump in to. A little about me: I'm a self taught multi-instrumentalist who has been making music for roughly 25 years. I was the singer, keyboards, and songwriter for Kid Architect from 2008 - present (we're technically on hiatus, but love eachother too much to officially break up the band). I've been a fan of video game music since playing Sonic the Hedgehog as a 5 year old. Two of my current composer heroes are Austin Wintory and Disasterpeace. So hit me up with what you're working on, I'd love to collaborate. I'd also love to just connect with other devs/composers here. Any feedback or advice, musical or professional, is always welcome. Thanks for reading! -gh0stam
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