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    Data structure question

    I'm experimenting with LOD algorithms -- I'd like to be able to order nodes by how large their rendering error is, which is view-dependent and hence requires a data structure that can be updated quickly. I've gone ahead with the binary tree: I liked the idea of a heap because the canonical implementation allows inserting the same key several times. I know there's always std::multimap, but I'm not using C++. My language of choice (Scheme) has surprisingly little available in the way of data struct libraries so I was just wondering what people around here thought about the problem.
  2. I need a data structure that contains a bunch of sorted keys. I'd like insertion and deletion to be pretty fast -- better than linear time. I should also be able to update the keys pretty quickly while maintaining the sorted-ness of the structure. What do you guys think? It sounds to me like a heap is pretty close. The canonical heap implementation does not allow arbitrary deletion, but I guess that can be faked pretty easilyby forcing it to be the max and removing (after re-heapifying). Assuming that updating a key and then walking it up/down the heap would work, which it seems like it would. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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