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  1. Hello to everyone! My name is Maria. I am starting this topic to ask for your advice. My story is long and sad, but I will try to depict it shortly. Three years ago, I entered the University of Latvia and started my Bachelor's in English Philology (Linguistics, Literature, Text Analysis and stuff). I was never good at math, but always in love with videogames and informatics, since my early childhood. At that point in my life, our finances and another passion of mine - languages - made me go for this degree. Soon, however, I realised that Philology is not as interesting as it seemed and the career opportunities are rather vague. During my second year, I have made my mind that I will go for game design in the future. But I did not give up my degree just yet. A year after, I have done Erasmus practice in Spain, and, suddenly, decided to transfer to the Spanish university. Little did I know about the credits transfer procedure back then. As a result, the decision on the credits to be recognised was out only when I already enrolled. And the decision stated that only 30 out of 160 of my credits are to be recognised. Soon after, I disliked Spain so much that I could not live there anymore (no offense to Spanish people, I lived in Huelva and many nasty things happened to me). The university was not as good anymore, and the people that surrounded me were very rude. At the same time when I moved to Spain, my mother settled in Portugal. So here I am now, 21 y.o. living with my mother and simply not going back to the university because I cannot stand it anymore. And regretting giving up Latvian Uni. That was pre-history I still want to get a degree. And while I still have a desire to study, I must go for it. I found some nice Bachelor's in Game Design here, in Portugal, although they are a bit expensive (I am still a non-EU international student and thus the tuition fee for me is 5x more expensive than that for nationals). So, should I do my hard and start working to save money for the degree in Game Design, or should I simply finish my English Philology Degree? I was thinking of taking Master's in Game Design, but soon realised I will need to have a similar undergraduate to enter it. I mostly aim at becoming a Game Narrative, but I would really like to study programming and 3d modeling, too. Right now I am trying to master Unity, but I always feel that I lack guidance... Will the degree in Game Design really help me master all the necessary skills and maybe even get connections in this industry? Or should I go for the shortest way to obtain a Bachelor's (that is, in English Philology) and work by myself to become a Game Designer? I will appreciate any advice you, guys, can provide! Thank you in advance.
  2. nevarra

    Looking for a Hobby-Dev Partner

    Hello everyone! If the offer is still valid, I would like to participate too :) My name is Maria, and at the moment I live in Spain. I am a complete newbie in game design, but I always wanted to start developing games. I am mostly interested in game narrative position. I already have a couple of nice ideas for a game, depending on its genre. This year, I decided to switch from Philology to Game Design degree, and I will try hard to success in programming.
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