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  1. do I just ignore the hlsl_precise define then? Thanks for the help anyways
  2. This still does not resolve the problem, so the only solution would be to put all required files into the local folder?
  3. This is part of my (not finished) shader code. But as you can see at the top of the code piece the first include is just fine. Probably because the file lies in the same folder as the shader file including it, but when it comes to the dxgi format convert file it does not find it. Down below is the additional include directories added though as well as in the main project. If I wanted to include the file in C++ it would be found so it is definetly there. So how would I go about that problem?
  4. Hi, currently I am trying to programm a snow shader consisting of snow deformation and a snowing particle effect. My problem is that I need to use a UAV preferably an RWTexture2D which consists of 2 16bit float values (R16G16_Float) but only R32_UINT allows simultaneous writes. I saw in the documentation that there is a possibilty to cast those in HLSL by including D3DX_DXGIFormatConvert.inl but my program does not find the header. So this is my problem how do I properly include the format convert? Any thoughts?
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