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    3D game engine idea

    Hello, I'm new to making game engines but I have this idea I want to make. My idea is to make a game engine that can do impossible space that allows Non-Euclidean geometry with 3D shapes that occupy the same space and is a FPS game. I think I can make this using a BSP tree with portal rendering and I want it to look like Unreal 1. The only way 3D shapes can occupy the same space and stay separate is to load the map in as pieces. Each piece is a sector that represents a 3D shape. The 3D shapes can only connect to other 3D shapes on the sides and the 3D shapes do not merge when in the same space. The game tracks the players position and knows what sector the player is in. Also it loads the sector the player is in and loads the other possible sectors the player might go to. Where two 3D shapes connect form a opening the player can move through. Is it possible to load a BSP tree map into memory as pieces? I need the map to load in pieces only where the player is and other sectors the player might go to. Do you think this idea will work with portal rendering and binary space partitioning?
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