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  1. hcardosojunior

    Werewolf 2D character

    Hello guys, nice to meet you! I finally have my first 2D character package ready for distribution, please take a look at my project: Thank you very much!
  2. hcardosojunior

    Werewolf, Unity 2D Character

    GeneralImpressive animated werewolf creatures for your mobile or Desktop game. With this package you can create enemies or pets for your RPG or platform project.The characters come with animations and 6 different looks, from a dark bad werewolf to an amazing pink mechanic wolf.All skins were created with attractive color schemes and appealing art style. Features- 6 werewolf characters:Dark werewolf, White werewolf, Rock Wolf Skeleton, Ice Wolf Skeleton, Red Wolf robot and Pink Wolf Robot.- 8 animations for each character:Idle, Attack 01, Attack 02, Hurt, Death, Walk, Run and Jump.
  3. hcardosojunior

    Werewolf, Unity 2D Character

    Album for Werewolf, Unity 2D Character
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