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  1. I hope i am putting this in the right place, i have skimmed through the section and i cant see anything based around this specific topic and it is SPECIFIC i'm a teacher and currently using a tool called "Processing 3" it is a simple portable java IDE with some libraries built in and it has android export but its very poor, the biggest issue for the students seems to be making the game stretch to fit the screen (im aware that we can code everything to scale, and that's what we have been doing) i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an alternative, preferably java or c, or something visually similar something portable (students usually carry on their usb drives) and have simple android export i know people aren't my personal slaves, but if something comes to mind i would really appreciate it, iv'e tried a thorough googling for it but i either stink at googling or its not easy to find
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