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  1. bok!

    Bad Bunch - Announcement Trailer

    Dive-bomb into an alternate reality where air combat rages above land and sea. Red versus Blue. Choose your color, launch you air frame, and fight to be the baddest bunch of Aces in the sky. Visit https://badbunch.net for more info.
  2. Stare studio is recruiting a Concept Artist / 3D Artist / Web Designer / Sound Engineer / level designer, to work on our debut title Bad Bunch. Bad bunch is a cartoon aircraft action game, focusing on fast-paced team-based competitive gameplay. The game takes inspiration from the real world of combat aviation starting from world war 1 up until the modern day with elements of fantasy and sci-fi. Visit out website https://badbunch.net or join our discord https://discord.gg/7qPBwZg for more info or visit by youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/m4tchdude77/videos. The project is already underway with a MVP (minimum viable product) scheduled to be finished by next month. We are looking for more talented individuals to help us speed up the development process and achieve a higher chance of success. We are looking for passionate people who love games and love creating them. Some screenshots of the game: Requirements: Stare studio is looking for an entry-level people who seek to put their foot in the door for the first time, we do not require past experience or recommendations. When applying for one of the above roles send us an example of your work, you will be judged based on your talent and skills. TO APPLY: Join our discord and message bok!
  3. bok!

    Bad Bunch - Development Update

    Hello there! This is our first development update and we are excited to show you guys what we have been doing. This past two weeks we were working on the core gameplay mechanics of the game, coding the various classes and abilities into the game and testing the flight controls. Though there were some bugs (I mean... Of course they were) we made real good progress and we are excited to share some tiny details with you. Added the bomber class including it's abilities Added the fighter plan class including it's abilities Added the Assault helicopter including it's abilities Added the attack helicopter, not including the active ability (We are working on it we promise) Spotting System AA gun Models And most importantly we got plane controls working how we want them Check out our website and sign up for alpha testing https://badbunch.net/ and join our discord for more info https://discord.gg/7qPBwZg We have included two videos showcasing some of the work we have done thus far, remember though everything is very early in its development and nothing is final. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMxPq3VGDEA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-2sTiHCmbU We will keep you guys updated from now on with bi-weekly development updates so come back in two weeks to see what progress we have made.
  4. Pilot - Flying Action Multiplayer Game Project Title: Pilot (Temporary) Description: A cartoony aircraft game created in UnrealEngine4 focused on large level streaming maps and detailed foilage using impostors. It will be a multiplayer game where players can choose from a set of classes which will all have thier pros and cons. The game will be based around capturing and defending map control points. Link to Current Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGqlBTZWOvM Includes: -Aircraft (Plane / Helicoper) Classes with specialities and weapon custimization. -Cartoony Style (Volumetic Clouds, Explosions, Weapons, Props, Water) -Ground AI units which will make capturing points harder and will add more action. Team Structure: Bojan 'bok!' Kucera - Developer / Blueprints / WebDev / 3DModel / ProjectManagement / LevelDesign Talent Required: Gameplay Designer Concept Artist 3D Artist Level Designer Project Management Marketing Blueprint Scripter Website: In Progress Link to Trello Board for bigger overview: https://i.imgur.com/3JvCtzd.jpg Contact: E-mail: me@bojancode.com Discord: bok!#9971
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