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    R&D Screen Space Planar Reflections

    Isn't anyone interested the fast ssr reflections? Maybe someone can recreate the algorithm, even on another engine?
  2. Hello all, Sorry for my English! I found a description about the fastest reflection algorithm for flat surfaces. http://www.remi-genin.fr/blog/screen-space-plane-indexed-reflection-in-ghost-recon-wildlands I want to recreate it in unity. Attached an example for testing https://www.drive.google.com/open?id=1WfgCpxwx8k6lgALHY6s_588p1D4lYEb6 I have some problems. 1) Why does the example use reflection along the Z axis? After all, the example is reflected on the horizontal surface Y? 2) In my implementation, an incorrect hash buffer. Perhaps the buffer is written in reverse? I added a z-buffer distance limit for test. You can see what's happen on 40/100/1000 meters. Here is the contents of the hash buffer I tried to change the interlocked Max / min, reversed the value of the z-buffer, tried without hashing (just write uv), still did not succeed. 3) Another interesting question is filling holes. The author writes this Temporary reprojection for static images will not work (or am I mistaken?) And in the second part I did not understand what he was doing? Is it blending the previous frame and the current frame of the reprojection? ps There are a couple more links for this method, but the code is more complicated and confusing. http://www.guitarjawa.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/IMPLEMENTATION-OF-OPTIMIZED-PIXEL-PROJECTEDREFLECTIONS-FOR-PLANAR-REFLECTORS.pdf http://www.advances.realtimerendering.com/s2017/PixelProjectedReflectionsAC_v_1.92.pdf
  3. Hello all. I'm newbie on this forum and my english not very good. Sorry >< I created a volumetric lighting with a shadow for my water. Right now I need to compute a max height relative to the water (like a volume water depth). So, I have only screen space uv and 4 clip space vertexes (graphics.blit of unity3d). How I can reproduce the water vertex world space position? My water always is horizontal. Like in this screen. I have one bad idea, but I don't like it. I can render the water depth to texture and use this depth for reconstruct world space position in the lighting post effect. Also, I can reuse this water depth for manual writing to unity depth buffer (for correct depth of field posteffect). Also, it's only way to write to depth texture with transparent geometry. I tried work with a matrix transformations of space (posteffect quad -> world space quad -> transform this quad using TRS (model) matrix of water -> view -> projectrive -> clip), but it does not work for me. Any idea?
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