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    FlareArrow.inc / 3D Modeling and Texturing

    Hello,everybody! My name is Lee,l am the BD from FlareArrow.inc We are a Chinese outsourcing company located in the lnland city Chengdu,dedicates to game development since 2013. Our team is mainly focusing on 3D modeling,animation and environmental art,have various experiences in different projects. “Local price global quality ”is our company motto. We have over 40 members in our team,all ready to provide high quality service for your bussiness needs with comfortable price. To stay competitive in the game industry.We believe that our team will be your best choice. Looking forward to work with you in the near future! For further information, please contact though the following E-mail Mail: flarearrowbiz@gmail.com HP: http://www.cdgsj.com.cn/ (Chinese only) Thank you very much! Have a nice day.
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