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  1. GreenMage333

    Programmer Looking for Partner or Team

    Hey there, I sent you an email
  2. Hey, thank you, as soon as you're done with some concept arts make sure you send them to me on Discord or here in private message! Nope, I haven't seen this yet, I actually just made an account here to have a chance to find skillful artists lol But I might get into that group
  3. Hello everyone. My team and I are working on a game called Class D, an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. It's about 4 students being in the school and trying to escape from an evil teacher who became evil due to evil powers. The students have to search in boxes in order to find keys for doors to open them and turn on switches that can be found in each closed room while avoiding the merciless teacher and not getting attacked. We're looking for 3d, Concept and UI Artists who are willing to help without getting any money for it. This is my first project ever, and I'm planning it to be a project that's done in our free time just to have fun, get experiences and create something awesome together. We also need a programmer who's good in using Blueprints. I have the role of level and game designer and programmer, but I'm not the best in programming (yet) so I would like to get someone who helps me and my team out. If you're interested in helping us, please message me on Discord, my name is GreenMage#8709.
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