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  1. Thanks for posting a link the that site. I found it extremely interesting and thorough. :) -Brent
  2. Its not very hard to make your own utility to do this. Just write a console program that opens that file and outputs it in the format that you want. ie, catch the first line "GAME LOG 02/26/2005 8:00 AM", write to a file < h1>GAME LOG 02/26/2005 8:00 AM</ H1> and continue from there. My program simply just made it more readable, I wasn't after naything too fancy. You can also format Codes into the logger. Such as that each line is preceeded by a 1 for headers, 2 for certain type of text... etc etc. Then save as a html and open in any browser. I'm sure you see where this is going. If you are always going to view your log in html, you might go as far as to code it into the engine. The seperate utility has always worked good for me. I find it to be a quicker and easier to make changes since it has only 1 purpose. You can probably tackle this in an extremely short amount of time. If you need further help, google for some tutorials and brush up on importing, editing, and exporting text files. -Brent
  3. Quote:Original post by izzo Just thought I'd take this opportunity to remind everyone about some other games that Rockstar have made. :-) cheers sam Awesome research! [grin]
  4. Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by kingpinzs what I am trying to do is use this function spanned over multiple *.c files but every time I include it it says it is alreay declared and when I dont is syas it needs to be.That's because you have duplicate definitions. If you want to use a function in multiple translation units (.c files), you can only define it in one of them. The other units simply need to see the declaration, with the linker solving the relocation and referencing problems. Of course, you refuse to grasp this. Until you do, you will continue to experience problems like these. Thank you Oluseyi for that reference to your previous thread help. It really helped to show me the proper terms for reffering to certain things. [grin]
  5. Quote:Original post by orionx103 You come to an English site expecting us to able to read Russian? [flaming]Did he offend you by sharing his site? Let me get this straight, because it is not useful to you, you think the rest of the english speaking world cannot find any value in it? For those that speak English and only English, there are many useful tools out there for us to use, to shrink if not destroy the language barrier between us and other countries. Google has web page translation. They don't have Russian to English, but using there wonderful search engine i found this listed first... http://www.systranbox.com This site, (and others) can translate even more languages than google can. Wow what a world we live in today!! [grin]
  6. MOre and more colleges are offering Programs everyyear. Georgia Tech has a program, Texus U(I think, one big name in texas, can't remeber which one off the top of my head) There are the profit schools such as Nintendo sponsered Digipen(Washington) which has a 4 year degree. This is probably the most like a 'real' 4 year university, as opposed to Full Sail, which offers a 2 year degree in a hyper-accelerated schedule. My local community college just this past semester (Wake Tech, in NC) just now have tried to start offering courses geared towards game design. They were cancelled due to low enrollment, but a couple offered were Game Design using Dark Basic, and also a Game programming physics class. There are online classes, search, google, even past threads on this forum. Digipen used to be my wish out of all. It is a real college and one of the 1st. Coming from there as opposed to full sail would carry a lot more weight. I almost went to fullsail, but cost vs what I would have come out with.. didn't seem very fruitful. If you get away from their flashy website, and try to get more actual opinions you'll see the school's darkside as well. I'm not trying to start a flamewar over schools and my opinion so here is my disclaimer.... **************************************************************** **DISCLAIMER** - All schools have their upsides and downsides. Most people on the internet when rating something take more time to rant than to praise and with that being said some schools don't recieve the recognition they deserve. In the end, your life is what you make of it, and results are on a case by case basis. **************************************************************** My views are my own and are based on a lot of background research because i looked very heavily into this. Moving cross country for 4 years or spending $50's for only 14 months are HUGE decisions to make, when your "po like Kenny's family." THe facts I could find though, in 1999-2000 when i looked at schools, a 4 yr program like Digipen, students did in fact average 2 job offers per graduate which was signifigantly more than Full Sail's. Full Sail claims a high job placement, but their results were/are skewed. I'f i go for a degree in programming, a job that should get $45k starting(Averages i've seenfor intro programming jobs, I've seen higher), I don't want to start out as a game tester making $18k a year. How many doctors do you know that train to be a surgeon, and start off working as the guy that mops and sanatizes before surgery. This may seem extreme and some may rebut this argument, but it makes since. Digipen also had higher rates, I would assume, because it is a 4 year degree and better education by nature. Anyways, back to main point. Google to find places to go, and find everything you can about your prospects. Email Students in the program to try and get "real" POV's and go see the school for yourself. If you get bad vibes, research more or move on. Even without college, you have a WEALTH of info on the internet right at your fingers for FREE. Your only cost is time. If you don't have the desire to learn it on your own at home when its free... are you sure you want to pay to learn it? Just some thoughts. Goodluck in your search! :) -DD
  7. Quote:My suggestions: - Speed up the ball - it takes 1-2 minutes till the real fun begins... I agree. Your pong beat mine out of the water. The movement you gave the paddle is fantastic. I love the fact that the paddle can kinda bounce back form the sides. I don't know why, but that attention to detail has floored me the most. Kinda adds some randomness to it. Adds another 'force' you have to keep in the back of your mind. New textures and backgrounds would be awesome. I would start the ball off initially a little faster than it does, or have that based on the dificulty setting as well. It takes a minute before it gets to the speed I want to see it at... as someone mentioned before "the point where it becomes fun" Excellent clone!!! BTW - 900 mhz 1 gig ram radeon 9700 -DD
  8. I agree with triangles... Just look at Spaceship Earth(the big sphere) down in disneyworld.... Its round.. all triangles... I'm sure to some degree it can be done with different shapes... Such as a soccer ball with pentagons... I think it may come down to a matter of preference.
  9. "The Lion King" nailed it on the head. She needs to have her own things to do and her own space. I've been trying to get back to programming after a year break. Its hard for me to find time as well, (Full time job, part time job, school) and of course the girlfriend which wants time too. Mine likes to go shopping and looking around, so thats what I let her do. Also, I point out, that if I want to be a successful programmer that makes a living at it, I need practice and time to learn. Also, an idea for you, sign up in a class. Then your at least guarenteed a few hours. I'm debating on taking another class this fall, even though it won't count as credit towards anything... :)
  10. You can probably get by on the knowledge you have. You will more than likely find yourself using advanced features that C++ supports. I wouldn't worry about trying to "reteach" yourself persay. But Quickly reviewing ansi coding standards and through the use of tutorials, you should be able to quickly pick apart what to do and what not to do. Its completely realistic to accomplish what your doing and learn along the way especially considering the scope of most games that are made for a phone, IMHO. -Brent