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  1. mandolinable

    can not link program

    well finally i found it this link helped me to figure out (https://github.com/opentk/opentk/issues/200) the problem was because I am making array of 20 element in fragment shader when i resized it to be 5 it worked fine many thanks for your help
  2. mandolinable

    can not link program

    for me logging is fine I missed location keyword in vertex shader and here is the output , in your opinion what else should i do , i mean like a check list
  3. mandolinable

    can not link program

    yes you are right i am sorry it returns 0 if loglength is used
  4. mandolinable

    can not link program

    in the watch window something i can not understand the compilation status is 1 that means successful how ever GL.getshader returns length = 483 for log and gl.getshaderinfolog returns an empty string how come ?
  5. mandolinable

    can not link program

    yes i am working on it
  6. mandolinable

    can not link program

    when I did what you told and I modified the fragment shader code to like in attachment and now as you see it passed sounds the problem comes from the fragment shader code BasicFS.glsl
  7. mandolinable

    can not link program

    here is the full project on github https://github.com/ahmedTohami/opentk
  8. mandolinable

    can not link program

    yes sure, the shader is the parent of all of my shaders it got some common functions to set uniforms and to compile , link program and the shader info is the place where I hold path and type of shader and the entity shader is the child of shader that I am using to render that uses the attached vertex and fragment shader EntityShader.cs Shader.cs ShaderInfo.cs
  9. hello I am pretty new to glsl and opengl I have the 2 shaders attached and they are compiled successfully but the program linking fails like in exception image attachment what wrong i did ?? , forgive about my bad english BasicFS.glsl BasicVS.glsl
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