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  1. vicodescity

    More things to do in a Date Sim RPG about monsters?

    Adding clubs such as theatre club science club e.t.c. One way to spice it up, is to add things that are possible in a monster school but not done in a normal school, add a weird club such as a prank club, where the leader is the one with the most pranks. Also since this is a school based game, DEFINITELY ADD BULLIES, they will spice up the gameplay in ways you can't imagine.
  2. vicodescity

    Gameplay Mechanics approach.

    I see, thanks, me and my teammates were having a discussion about this.
  3. Hello guys, I have a question about programming gameplay mechanics ( the game engine used is irrelevant). When building a game, let's say an fps, Which approach should you use to get the most efficient results. 1) Build the basic mechanic first e.g A gun that can damage the ai. Then add from there. Or 2) Build the properties separately to a game worthy state, build the gun, the reload, the ammo, the animations, build the ai enemies, build their animations, their weapons, then link both at the ending. I have a team, but this is assuming you are a solo dev. Expecting replies.
  4. Also i used Godot a while back, its main scripting language is gdscript, which is basically python, but with some elements of c++ here and there such as defining variables and types. It also has its own visual scripting but, i didn't really use it.
  5. Hey guys, I've been trying to find a good tutorial for learning how to setup a local multiplayer game in unreal engine 4 ( the demo setup is going to be created for android, i want the game to be able to connect like mini militia for example (newbie talking)). If anyone knows any good tutorial, be it YouTube video or documentation (i would prefer a YouTube video though). Thanks.
  6. Pick a game engine, there is unity, unreal engine and Godot. I currently use unreal engine, but from what I've heard unity is more user friendly. If you want to use unreal engine, check out https://www.youtube.com/user/VirtusEdu. He has awesome tutorials for it. Good luck.
  7. 😁 Thanks, now it's clear, although I would rather start with just immunity to the weapon, then when am experienced enough I will add the counter system.
  8. Thanks, i get the idea, but could you go a little deeper in what the concept of the battlememory and maneuver (specifically) would accomplish
  9. Mainly how the enemies are able to remember you, and also I want the enemies that survive to be immune to the previous weapons I fought them with (not interested in the deep hierarchy system that goes on in the game). Just those two features will be enough.
  10. Hey guys a newbie game dev here. I was wondering if the totally awesome nemesis system for middle earth shadow of mordor was possible with unreal engine 4. I plan on making a game soon that has a MUCH SIMPLER version of it. Also which would be better for it? Blueprints or c++. I would really appreciate it if you could break it down into multiple concepts for a mere beginner such as myself :).
  11. vicodescity

    Looking for Game programmer to partner up

    Yeah, saying you have good ideas isn't going to cut it alone (baby steps though ). I would say just practice coming up with interesting game concepts, a game programmer who sees this will know you are serious. Also try to build up other skills, like your writing for instance, as metioned by Guy Fleegman, interactive Novels (I think this is the full name) are perfect for you, use twine (it's the industry standard). Cheers
  12. Thanks alot, now it is time to get to work
  13. Thanks, and it was just on the basic nodes, like functions, flip flop, and how events, micros and functions work, not too advanced
  14. So hey guys, i started learning Unreal Engine 4 a week ago, and i just completed a tutorial series on blueprints, so i was wondering if i should learn more or attempt to make a game (hobby, nothing fancy or extreme). Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. vicodescity

    Unity or Unreal Engine?

    You should really use both and see which one works for you, i'm currently learning unreal engine so i might be biased :). For what you want to do (foliage), i think unreal has the better system or so have heard, and you lets be honest it is the most powerful engine, and its going to give you the most realistic view you can get. You should also post the specs of your pc, as unreal needs a power system to run it, especially the latest versions. Cheers Mate.
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