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  1. 'Regard the honesty of people as a gift not a curse and you will reach heights not fathomed by your current self.' Oh I do - it's why I'm here. I've had much worse criticism then what's in here - I've been writing for a while. It can hurt but you roll with it in order to get better. I'm honestly just happy to have recieved so many comments on it - I was worried I wasn't going to get anything. So thankyou everyone, genuinely.
  2. That was pretty frank - thank you. I'll work on that too. It's really meant to be a combination of the work I've done - a showcase of a wide range of work I've done. But I'll work on making it more cohesive and more focussed.
  3. That's something I hadn't considered before - thank you very much. I'll work on a simplified template, cut down and go from there. You meantioned that was a main problem of yours - did you have any issues with the rest of the content besides structure and the quotes?
  4. Crashbang

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    History is an odd one because the question will always end up being 'where does the history start?' and that's a rabbit hole, and a distraction from the main story - Nolan's mission to stop the plague doesn't really require knowledge of who built what town for example, nor the life history of every NPC he talks to on that quest. My suggestion for creating a games history is to create a map of the land this story is taking place in. The positions of the settlements can tell a story of that settlement. Is it a settlement in the high reaches of the mountains? Why is that? Were they driven up there, or have they hidden here? Do they practive unnatural magics? How long have they been doing so? Or maybe they just like mining and have found a particularly valuable vein of minerals. The position of a settlement on the map - where it is, how big it is or how small, suggest stories of their own that you can build on. If you've already built a story, then this becomes a little more difficult - but your map can change to fit your story, and then the history can flow from what your story requires.
  5. Hi everyone. I would love your help. Basically, I have been writing for games and designing for a little while and wanted to put together a portfolio so that maybe I could make some progress into better work. Now I'm looking for feedback, constructive criticism, anything really. I'm trying to figure out what I should be doing next. Should I work on more hard-core level design skills, and develop my Unity skills to create something more real? Should I get a hard copy of the board game made? What is more or less important in the portfolio? I'm under no illusions about needing more quality in there for the future - the main issue, honestly, is figuring out what I should be doing next. Thank you all in advance. RM Portolio.pdf
  6. Crashbang

    Writing for a Village

    IMO, all of the above - but that's not a very helpful answer. Lets take a theoretical example of 'Violent Orc Village'. The culture of this village tends toward war, raid and plunder - but this is at odds with the players mission to bring peace to Hippytonia. Luckily there are some in the village who want the endless violence to come to an end, who might be useful allies. This is the idea which I think the individuals should be framed around. They shouldn't all be the same violent, bloodthirsty caricature though - they should form a web of points of view that build the story of this town. A child who doesn't understand why his father didn't come back from battle, a widowed women trying to rally the women to join in raiding, an injured veteran who hates what his village has become, the merchant profiting off the war. They are all different but they are united under the culture they live under. So these smaller personal stories create a greater web that is your main story. You can even have people who have little to do with the story dotted in there. A girl who wants to grow the biggest, spiciest pepper for example - a fun outlier that makes the town more then 'we may or may not have a violence problem' while still having a link to the wider culture. I think a lot of what your questioning about character/foreshadowing is down to choice. Is your game a funny game? Is it perhaps missing humour? What foreshadowing do you think is required? But also, I think if your character is oging to interact then every interaction should demonstrate character - because your character will have different views and reactions to these villagers and their ideas. Your peaceloving character may be baffled by the widowed women who wants more violence - or the widower might give the character food for thought. Your character might really help the child who's lost his father or be a little broken by it. All these things build your character and the world. This is I think my first post on here, so I hope this is helpful and actually what you wanted.
  7. You fell to earth, years ago. You fell on a farm in Midwest America, miles from civilisation. You fell on Ambers farm, when she was just eight years old. And hour by hour, inch by inch, she pulled you from the wreckage. Over the years you grew up together - you recovered, while she turned nine, and then ten. You journeyed the woods together, every day an adventure, every day something new. You were the best of friends. And then one early morning the soldiers came, and that was the last you saw of Amber. Now you wake up in a lab, with scientists experimenting on you. Now they have your pieces. They’ve stolen from you. Taken what makes you powerful. Now that you’ve escaped, you’re going to take it all back. Now you’re going to leave the lab far behind, and return home, to where Amber will be waiting. ——— Project Amber is a 2D platforming game where you play as goopy, an alien captured by scientists, and use various strange abilities to outwit your would-be captors and escape the lab in which you’ve been incarcerated. As you go, you will discover more about yourself - about your lost memories, about this lab, and about it’s leader, Snarkula, and what he wants with your pieces. A puzzle game at it’s heart, Project Amber is about combining strange abilities to their greatest effect. Goopy can encase enemies in jelly, pull himself long distances with a grabbing tongue, cling to the walls and even melt through walls - but if Goopy combines these, he can bounce across levels, access impossible heights, and pull apart the terrible machines sent after him like they were confetti. Alongside a tongue grab that Goopy can use to fling himself across rooms or pull boxes or enemies from platform, and his stone skin that Goopy can use to survive attacks, Goopy will gain access to six further bizarre abilities throughout the game - regaining his powers until he’s finally ready to return home. ——— The first thing that Team Amber are hoping to create as a team is a show level for this game - a level to demonstrate the potential we feel the game has, and hopefully allow us to create the full game in the future. To help in that process we’re looking for pixel artists, to help create unique, animated sprites for the main character and a few others. Ideally you won’t be doing too much work - we want to spread the work thin, and already have background assets in development, as well as various sprites for enemies. For a little context of the quality of sprites we’re looking for, this is one of the backgrounds we have so far. Requirements A talent for pixel art and animating sprites. That’s it. Ideally You Would Also Have Experience on working on other games. Yeah it’s not a long list. If you are interested in the role, or would like to chat about it further, then drop us an email at AmberGameDev@gmail.com . If we like the sound of you then we’ll organise a chat.
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