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  1. AlbinoTiger

    Open World Game Help

    Hi! I'm making an open world game in UE4 and I need help with 3d animations and assets, someone to help consult creative ideas to keep the game reasonable, and programming/blueprint coding help. Is there anyone that would be interested in helping or could give any advice? my email is rhjr1600@gmail.com if you'd like to reach out instead of replying here...
  2. AlbinoTiger

    Open World Game Help

    I need help with an open world game I'm developing. I don't know where to look or find it though. I was hoping someone here could help or point me in the right direction. I need help with 3d assets like animals/creatures, buildings, and NPCs. Unfortunately, I have very little money to use at my disposal. Can someone here either help or show me where to look for the help I need?
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