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  1. Maybe way to late but Clip Studio Paint is awesome. I love it and the full extended version cost is about 150€ with 3D models for pose checking etc. really great on constant updates and you can even add audio to check if everything is in sync. I do my stuff with this program and will never return to photoshop.
  2. Go by the order of distance. Everything you can walk on or is in the front gets no filter at all. the rocks in the back get like 10-20% the clouds and castle 25-35% and so forth. Test it until you find the best solution but remember to give the rocks some filter too. They might mislead the player to jump on or other options. you need to give a clear intuitive view on the level, to the player.
  3. You might want to add a shader over the background to make it lighter to distiguish it from the foreground. Best in multiple layers. So the clouds are the brightest etc. Gives it a certain depth and the player knows by intuition which objects are where on the layers of the game.
  4. Regard the honesty of people as a gift not a curse and you will reach heights not fathomed by your current self. To show you that we are not evil persons I made a template for you (File 13). Its a png DIN A4 and at 300dpi so you could even print it out. File 12 is a showcase how you could arrange things. - Top left is for the Page number <-- allways same position! - Top header is your name etc. <-- I would recommend to repeat for each page -underneath that you come to the actual description what is shown on this page and a brief but comprehensive description. All this must be aligned on an invisible line on the left. place it with spaceing in mind. - In the more blueish part you place your actual stuff with also minor comments if needed. - On the bottom is your contact. Hyperlink everything etc. make it not so big but they must realize it´s there <---- REPEAT FOR EVERY PAGE!!!! I used Roboto font. If You want to go for more Serif Font Minion Pro is good. NEVER sitch font NEVER!!! Within these fonts you have different options which you can and should use BUT keep some restrictions on variety Fontsize and subtypes of font used. Do not surpass more than 3 variations! Sorry for my bad english. had to slap this together very quick and I´m not an native english speaker. This template can be used by whoever wishes to do so for his own personal use (your portfolio i.e.). Any commercial use (selling template and others) is forbidden. Have fun!
  5. Give it just one Font. I forgot that one. The rest is good. But the presentation makes me skip through it. I think thats the main issue at hand.
  6. The main problem is the overall structure. The eyes and mind can´t fix on some anchor of savety in your portfolio. I would suggest to you to create a template for an overall frame to keep a structure (the section of your craft you present, etc.). This structure or frame stys the same. If you do this you give the eyes of the reader a kind of save haven. The first glance is essential. At the moment I get the impression that there is much going on... but I also get a feeling of doubt if you can keep up with months or years of game production. All of this just by the rather chaotic visual esthetics. You want to avoid this feeling inside the reader at all cost. Give the portfolio a repeating pattern. I would highly recommend to leave the qoutes out of the first page. or make them less. As mentioned above: my eyes don´t know where to start. A common way is to have the essential information in front and MAYBE some art, examples with oppacity in the background. They must NEVER conflict with the essential info! It doesn´t matter what your portfolio contains if the frontpage makes the reader quit because it gives the wrong impressions. Give everything more space to breath! Quality over quantity. This makes it more readable and you reach the potential costumer.
  7. Great work and very neat details! Maybe you should try some different timings on the weapons for more weight (acceleration on heavy stuff etc.). Stretching the arms back a bit more to give it more punch (anticipation). By no means the animations are bad. Just a suggestion too perfection
  8. A_Mc

    Advice on creating a lighting sprite

    Go for some sprite librarys on google. They have EVERYTHING you want to know. Frame-by-frame.
  9. A_Mc

    Attacking animations for 2d characters

    Also google the 12 rules of animation. Timing, anticipation, overstretching etc... can really help giving the weapon weight and a certain feel.
  10. I use Clip Studio Paint which is awesome for animations and very cheap considering the competition. My workflow is pretty simple. Layers, Layers and Layers. Because you dont want to reanimate everything yourself. There is ofcourse a certain drawback to this: Less bounce if perhaps the legs don`t bend slightly while breathing (12 rules of animation). In your case (presuming you wan´t it quick and dirty and not SNK-style sprite godlike mode) I would either go with the cut out style animation which a personally dislike because it doesn´t look so good to me or I would divide the body in seperate parts i.e. head, neck, chest, belly (maybe in one depends on how detailed your char is),arms , hip, front leg, back leg, etc... and then just animated the parts you need. this comes in quite handy. (Clip studio lets you declare folders full of layers as one frame. don´t know how that works in PS) It´s a technique which is a mix of both mentioned above. I use this for dialogue screens to save time and still have the capability to do frame by frame animation on certain parts of the body, like talking and random blinking with the eye. I might also suggest to do your char in the original size you need because some details might not be needed after all. Less distance to paint, less details to sketch, etc. you won´t be doing 4k so 1080 is the max size of screen I guess. So your char is allready way too much work. Just place the char on a testrender. Take away some details not relevant to the character (It´s done all the time) and you allready have some time saved. The problem also comes with the angles used in game. 8-way movement or sidescrollers have different amounts of animation to be performed. Each action multiplys your work amount. I currently work on sketches for a sidescroller (new to this myself) because I love to animate. I had to do all the steps by hand and I think it shows the difference between cutout and frame by frame perfectly. The chest and the hips bend and so forth. You won´t need that for a Visual novel, or a point and click though. - Down below you see two steps I take before the real animation. - The targetrender is my personal sandbox where I check my character design and resize the character until I get the final size. Then I simplify. In this case it will be frame-by-frame because I wan´t to have a fluid and dynamic feeling. The run cycle is a previous version of this character which I´m not so fond of. More stretching and mashing needed but it shows what can be done. - I would advise against frame-by-frame animation if time is precious. because doing the animations right requires time (my final versions are still in keyframes until thy snap just right). -If you do frame by frame: sketch out your keyframes!!! test them!!! If they don´t work. Make them work. - check out spritesheet resource librarys and go for some old games. In the sheets check for the idle sections. there you can have a good look of what it takes to make i.e. a breathing cycle frame-by-frame or how to divide the body into different parts. I guess Vanilla Ware are the masters of Cut-out-animation. Check those games out too.
  11. Hi, is there still a need for an artist or is the position filled? By your profilpic and name I guess I live close by. I do 2D animations and non-pixelart + SFX and Music... well nearly everything besides the coding side.
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