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  1. redka


    Shootout is a third person shooter with emphasis on movement mechanics, positioning and teamplay.
  2. redka

    Fat Hooks

    This is another take on a 3D/Web/Fast netcode adaptation of a Warcraft 3 custom map, this time Pudge Wars. The game, as with Mages (based on Warlock), will probably divert from the original map by some margin but at this moment I'm keeping things at least kind-of in line with the original idea. Try it out. Feedback is welcome. You can find it here: https://redka.games/fat-hooks
  3. redka


    Mages is a F2P third person 3D arena game. It's strictly multiplayer and runs in your browser. The game can be played here: redka.games/mages The basic idea comes from Warlock - a custom map from Warcraft 3. It's a last man standing match with map shrinking every 30 seconds. Your spells push other mages away into an ever encroaching lava which deals damage. You build your Mage with spells that you buy from the Shop. Each spell has upgrades and unique mechanics. There are 4 rounds and in between each of them as well as at the start of the game you have 30 seconds to purchase spells starting with 60 gold. Gold is earned each round with extra coming from high placement in the previous round as well as the number of kills you had.
  4. redka


    Album for Shootout
  5. redka


    Album for Mages
  6. redka

    Fat Hooks

    Album for Fat Hooks
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