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  1. Sebastian Ramirez Avila

    New Composer - Looking for Feedback!

    Hey there Liam, Really enjoyed that Castlevania track! Your samples sound very authentic, also you have agreat understanding of classical harmony (there were certain times I thought you were heading a certain direction but you'd modulate to somewhere I never really expected. Nice!). I think overall the composition is great, I just think don't be afraid to double some of your instruments with punchier samples, for example: The melody could be a lot thicker and present (not necessarily louder cos everything is already balanced beautifully), maybe try doubling it with a grittier synth line possibly with some drive. I like your drum rhythms, yet again they could be punchier, if you don't want to double the drums with new samples then play around with compression (try mid to slow attacks and even slower release times) and drives. One last tip - this usually works well with electronic music (whether it be EDM, Chiptune, trance, etc etc) in the climactic sections of your songs add a layer of white nise and side chain compress it to either your kick or snare ad adjust attack/release so that it pumps rhythmically with your tune. This really helps lift some mixes imo. Not sure if this tip will work with your track, but it's definitely worth trying. Check out this video for moreinfo on that Hope that helps!
  2. Sebastian Ramirez Avila

    Musician - New to the Site

    Thanks for that Alec! I think that's great advice and I'll make sure to follow it Cheers
  3. Sebastian Ramirez Avila

    Musician - New to the Site

    Hey guys! I'm new to this site and would love to get to know the community and potentially make new friends and connections. I'm a freelance film and games composer from Sydney, Australia. I've worked on a few indie projects over here, and recently started a YouTube channel to showcase some of my work. Was also wondering if I could maybe get some advice as to how to best approach this site in terms of sharing, networking and getting involved as a musican? Here's one of my tracks: Cheers guys! All the best
  4. Sebastian Ramirez Avila

    Effect heavy guitar as a background track?

    Love what you're doing with the phaser. Have you tried playing with a bow? I reckon with your effects you could get a really cool, spacey sound if you bowed the guitar either with an e-boe or a cello bow.
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