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  1. miqvp22

    Softbody Verlet Integration Deformation

    I solved it by adding this line to my code: if(difference > 0.1f) stick.length = deltaLength; It is working like a mass-spring elastic limit. So, If the deformation difference is higher than the beam default relaxed length, I set ‘restitution’ its default length. Like a metal chassis would. But thanks for this other solution!
  2. Hello, I have implemented a structure based in Node (particles) and Beams (edges), to perform a cloth simulation. ( like BeamNG does to perform deformation physics ) I'm wondering to know how could I stop constraint relaxation dynamically after some crash, to simulate a car chassis crash and avoid a complete recovery due to constraint solving. (this is my current constraint solve code, more in http://web.archive.org/web/20080410171619/http://www.teknikus.dk/tj/gdc2001.htm ) Thanks
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