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  1. Darkan_Fireblade

    Self Publishing

    Rather than going with traditional publishers, could one self publish a game? By this I mean actually bringing the game to box yourself, not online distribution or selling copies out of your house. Partnering with a distribution network, marketing company, etc, and doing it all your self. This of course would only be possible with outside funding, but given that, would it be possible? Thanks, Darkan
  2. Darkan_Fireblade

    Business Plans

    Please excuse me for being so vague. Information like industry statistics and numbers, how to forecast financial earnings, how to write an accurate pro-forma profit and loss chart. Stuff like that. Thanks, Darkan
  3. Darkan_Fireblade

    Publisher Costs

    How much does it cost for a publisher to publish an already completed game?After covering the publishing costs, how much of the sales do they take and how much would the developer actually see? Thanks! Darkan
  4. Darkan_Fireblade

    Business Plans

    I am in the process of writting up a business plan for our company, but its vary hard to find any information that is game development specific. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! Darkan
  5. Darkan_Fireblade

    Demo Budget

    Is there a standard demo budget? Is $200,000 too much in terms of pitching to an investor? Thanks, Darkan
  6. Darkan_Fireblade

    RPG Sales Figures

    Is there any place i can find the sales figures for games like Morrowind or Final Fantasy X? I already googled it and dident find anything... anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Darkan
  7. Darkan_Fireblade

    Guidelines for A Game Proposal?

    Could someone outline what is needed to be included in a proposal when approaching a publisher or investor? I already have the knowledge of what to do but i am looking for others opinions on what should be included. Thanks, Darkan
  8. Darkan_Fireblade

    E3 or GDC?

    Which event would be the best to attend, if someone was looking to showcase a game demo to potential publishers? Thanks, Darkan
  9. Darkan_Fireblade

    Demo Development Cycle

    How long does the usual prototyping phase last? How many developers are generally employed in this time frame? How many programmers/artists would one need if you were working with an engine like Gamebryo? What is the usual payment model used in demo development? Up-front payment? Salary? Compensation after completion? I am envisioning this to be for a demo of a 3D 3rd-Person Role Playing Game. Thanks for all of your help so far guys! Darkan P.S. Excuse my ignorance...
  10. Darkan_Fireblade

    Funding for a demo?

    Our design team is currently working on a budget and schedule, and i was wondering how teams go about getting funding for a game demo to present to a publisher for further funding for the game? Is this common? Or do teams usually self fund demos? If it is, where do they get the funding for the demo? Thanks, Darkan
  11. Darkan_Fireblade

    Player Characters

    Quote:Original post by Kazgoroth The good thing about having a character not created by the player is that you can better customise the story of the game to exactly suit the character in question. Exactly my dilemma... My design team is currently debating about this. We want to have a very personal story experience, but in order to show the player character in pre-rendered cut-scenes (ala FFX), we would need to have a set player character, and in doing so we would be cutting out a lot of player customization from the game, which isn’t vary conducive to the experience we are trying to create here. Darkan
  12. Darkan_Fireblade

    Player Characters

    In both situations, i would invision the character development to be like traditional RPGs, e.g. adding stats and skills as the game progresses. Just to Clarify ;D Darkan
  13. Darkan_Fireblade

    Player Characters

    In a role-playing game which do you prefer. Creating your character e.g. Baldur's gate, or playing a set character e.g. Final Fantasy X? Just asking for opinions here... please no flame wars... Thanks, Darkan
  14. Darkan_Fireblade

    Gameplay or Story in RPGs?

    Thanks for opinions and input everyone! You Guys Rock! Darkan
  15. Darkan_Fireblade

    Gameplay or Story in RPGs?

    Which is most improtant in traditional role-playing games, or on a more general note, in all rpgs, i.e. ARPGs, MMORPGs, etc... Just asking for your opinions on each and why you think one is more important than the other... And... One other question... How important are stories in MMORPGs... should they be the focus of the game? Or are they only for short term development of the characters in the game world. And last but not least... which would you play? An MMORPG with awesome gameplay... or a Single Player RPG with a totally immersive story? Thanks, Darkan
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