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  1. hi, I have been doing animating for few months now, so I am still a beginner, but my progress is decent, if you would like to see my work let me know. I have been planning on making a game recently but I need a team, so if you could help please let me know, even if I could help instead I will take it, I really just want to be a part of a project and show my skills.
  2. Shadianimator

    Need a programmer.

    I am actually part of a team now, but maybe you could join we are working on an rpg game I still would have to ask
  3. Shadianimator

    Need a programmer.

    hi, I am still a beginner animator but my progress is decent considering I always had a talent to draw, I have been wanting to create a game recently but I really need a team, if you could help, please let me know, a programmer is really needed although I could use anyone that can help.
  4. Shadianimator

    Need a team for a game project

    Yes I love like to help you and you're team and sorry I am having trouble finding you on Gmail how about I will give you mines: shadidah1111@gmail.com Never mind I got you're Gmail now sorry about that.
  5. hi, I am an animator I really want to help so please let me know if you would like to see some of my work and decide if it's good enough.
  6. Shadianimator

    Game/Level Designer and 3D Prop Modeller looking for a team

    hello, I am an animator and like every game project an animator would be needed, so please let me know if I can do anything at all to help, thanks
  7. Shadianimator

    Looking for 2d / 3d artists

    Hi i would like to help.
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