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  1. Thanks. Shift zooms in while riding, but it's cosemtic. Movement is WASD plus mouse, left click attack right click is block. The distant view on the horse is there to hide the lack of animations on the world map 😊. Do you find the core game loop of building up your troops engaging? Someone posted a youtube with some gameplay footage here:
  2. Demo, gameplay footage, and screenshots (itch.io) Please let me know what your thoughts are about this prototype. All criticism and comments are welcome and I promise to read in detail any response you make. At the moment, I've been working on this for some time but feel lost in terms of direction. There are so many different things one must do even to release a small demo. The polish is the part that is the least appealing to me in terms of making a game, but it's the brunt of the work here. I haven't even touched story content and so on because that's another beast entirely. I posted on a few small places and had some feedback but I haven't found a "core" audience. Perhaps that is something I should do before writing any code? Thank you for reading, and please enjoy.
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