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  1. Ilya  Pakhmutov

    The Lost Reality

    Overview: This will be an experimental game with its own custom engine - Veritas, which will eventually support 3.5 dimensions of space. Scenario is currently developed, main hero and overall concepts had already been established. What are we developing? We try to make a piece of art with a pleasant gameplay, also maintaining a great balance between fantasy and universe rules with its own science. We don't want it to be a tech demo of 4D projection, but rather to use this unique concept to enrich the experience. Notice: this universe is open and many ideas, characters and mechanics are welcome. Who are Arcom? Currently there are two enthusiasts in our state, one is a creator of the universe and a lead programmer and other is co-author and scenario writer. Tech and current state of development: Veritas engine is made in DirectX 11, currently it's capable of auto generating primitives and has a simple shading. State: Engine - 6% Scenario - 8% Mechanics and universe rules - 30% Concept Arts:
  2. Ilya  Pakhmutov

    The Lost Reality

    Album for The Lost Reality
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