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  1. DavidWeaverAudio

    Audio Programming Blog for Beginners

    Finishing up the audio processing on this one before we move on to visual stuff! Check out blog 6 http://scowlingowlsound.com/blog/2019/5/10/xbgrr3l4czjdb2k5fct8bnpdf1uly1
  2. DavidWeaverAudio

    Audio Programming Blog for Beginners

    Have been hard at work on the blog, wrote blog no. 5, all on the processBlock and how digital audio actually works! Check it out here;http://scowlingowlsound.com/blog/2019/5/7/lufxhldqfjuqnjpbkx14l8oyyjveho
  3. DavidWeaverAudio

    Audio Programming Blog for Beginners

    For those that are interested, I've been working on a few more posts on the blog. http://scowlingowlsound.com/blog/2019/blog-2 I've expanded quite a bit on the original tutorial, and am still going after several thousand words. I know most of this stuff exists in different places on the internet, but I think it's nice to take an Audio Programming for Dummies approach.
  4. DavidWeaverAudio

    Audio Programming Blog for Beginners

    Hello All! I'm normally working away on the sound design of games, film and television, but I've decided to open a foray into Audio Plugin Development and Audio Programming. I do not come from a computer science background, so i'm bumping into all sorts of issues, but I thought maybe it would be a good idea to yell this out into the void, and see if others are having the same issues as me. Hopefully they help someone, as I know I have definitely struggled to get started with C++ and audio programming being such a spooky topic to begin. Anyway, if you are interested, check it out. http://scowlingowlsound.com/blog
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