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    Engine UI

    I really agree with HTML based UI solution, too. I think Mr. @Shaarigan provide a really good point of view for this solution. And it will be much suitable if you already have a JS based script system because it will be much easier for dealing with UI and background logic instead of a string-based event handler. I want to add a little more information for Unreal. Unreal engine 3 mixed a lot of technologies for UI. However, for Unreal Engine 4, it used a totally self-written UI framework called Slate which is rendered by Unreal engine's own rendering system. This UI framework also used in the games with a higher abstract called UMG. UMG can be edited by a visual editor but Slate cannot. Actually, the UI solution for your engine is based on a lot of things. Some of them are: What's your engine for? Is it a generic engine or just internal usage or just personal? Does your game need a complex editor? What's your team's background? Could they handle a large UI framework's development or they just want to reuse existed framework? Do they think it is valuable for a complex editing system? Or they think an in-game editor is enough? We can provide our own ideas. But the best solution can only be determined by yourself based on your own situation.
  2. godofpen

    Engine UI

    Hello, I'd like to provide a little information which may be useful. I'm not a professional engine developer. I only made some own engines for fun so this is just personal ideas. For small team, I think it is much better to use WPF + subprocess(for engine) to simplify the whole task. Since like Unreal (use slate which is rendered by unreal itself) and Unity (based on immediate mode gui) are too complex for you to build such GUI solution. I recommend you to see Capcom's RE engine architecture. https://cedil.cesa.or.jp/cedil_sessions/view/1484 They build a system to use WPF as editor which can use MVVM and run engine in a process which can be in same machine or in console. The editor and engine can communicate by RPC. This system seems really useful for the small team compared with Unreal or Unity 3D. You can sync the rendered image to editor or much easier, just put the output window inside the editor with native window control in WPF. I hope this can help. Please ask any questions. I'm happy to discuss.
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