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  1. I'm not sure how to phrase this and where I should post this, I need some feedback. I get no input being stuck in my head for too long and I don't wish to waste my time on a mere thought. I had an idea and thought that it would make sense expressing it in the form of a game. I am not really a beginner but new to game development.. I do know C++, Python, C# and C but I never made a game before other than the simple tutorial games everyone has to make. I figured my idea was too complex at this point in time and decided to carefully craft out another project that would slowly force me to progress in skill, alongside the development process. I tend to do all my development on Notepad++/gVim and MinGW. Visual studio is great just a little too complicated for me. I'll be taking computer science in Uni so I expect Ill have to get comfortable with it soon. The current game i have in mind is a 2d top down pixel game. No procedural generation, no complex inventory management, no complex fighting mechanics. Now I personally don't want to use a game engine for i find it to be unnecessary with regards to the nature of the game and its simplicity, also game engines tend to be rather bloated with featured I do not currently require. I would prefer using the most optimal tool even if it means forgoing speed. Don't get me wrong, I don't have ideological views toward game engines or operating systems etc Its just a tool to me and I would very much prefer using a hammer to knock in the nails, the tool most suited for the job. I don't like waste or excess. As such for a simple 2d game such as mine, I've been looking at frameworks instead of game engines. SDL(Not really a game framework), SFML(which seems a little more up my alley), raylib(I'm a little doubtful about in the long run), Allegro (could not find many tutorials) and monogame/fna(limits me to Windows mainly, which isn't really an issue as of yet).. However I noticed that for most game developers who tend to use these frameworks, the general pattern seems to point towards them building an inhouse engine for their game, then building their game when they think it's ready. Unity makes it easy, but Its not.. Its just not the right tool and I'll end up being dependent on the engine rather than the code. I don't know enough to make an engine, and I personally am much more interested in building my game than the engine. I do find engine development interesting, but It would take up a lot of time, and this is where my question lies.. Would it be possible to make a full blown 2d rpg-ish game with a game framework, without building a game engine and just focusing on game code? .. By that, I'm assuming a game engine is a separate piece of software/framework. I would really like some advice and feedback/thoughts on what I said and my question..
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