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  1. That is nice, will definitely look into it. Thanks a lot Pepsidog, that's a nice cat...
  2. Yes, that perfectly explains my situation. Also we plan no children since she can't have children and besides, if you are familiar with the real estate business in Germany, the prices are skyrocketing now since the living of standard is extremely good and all the immigrants and everyone rich and poor is trying to get to Germany. Now, most likely that won't go on forever. The thing is "Made In China 2025" aims to overcapacity the main and core industries that are pillars of German economy. This means most likely how Huawei and etc dominated and Nokia diminished, same will follow in other high tech industries. German economy along with very divided Europe stands no chance against China. Even Americans will have troubles protecting their economy (tariffs lol). So the unemployment rate in Germany is at its all time low and everybody wants a house or an apartment. Once we feel the full impact of Chinese dominance in high tech area, and once people start losing jobs, nobody will want to buy a house or a flat. So I got rid of it on time... I will spend around 5% of it on test and trial and around 15% on a small very small game that proves the concept and gives possibility to be expended. That's all... If it works okay, I'm going all in. I am thinking if it is smart to not talk what the game is about until I actually almost finish it or if I should share the entire idea here and also maybe go for crowd funding maybe raising couple of bucks here and there... Idk, I doub't someone would steal it lol, probably it is only a genius idea to me and mediocore for other people. We'll see... Despite the negative comments, many people here were very helpful. some negative comments*
  3. ohh okey sjo horosho tovarish! I am getting learning my way around... sorry for being a noob Well that does it.. I am willing to work on some prototyping and consulting about the possible designs for this and then interviewing each programmer to give me a functioning prototype of what i need, Id finance 5 prototypes myself and if someone decideds he can do it and goes out of his way to do it for free of course i wont reject applications for the project. I will have to now go back to my drawing board and imagine everything again, recalculate and have everything ready. Ill look into specific things and examples how these designs are made and I already have a small book of 300 pages written about everything I will try to order it in an mearningful way so that whoever the programmer is, will know right away what I need. I am sure that other game developers also do similar descriptions of projects... ill try to find some online to see how it looks like
  4. Also i already have almost 1500 models I have made on my own. Many of these are buildings.... I will look into types of functions I need and apply random functions for such models with blueprints and even though it will make no sense and no gameplay or anything, it will be very crucia to prove that unloading and loading the amount of objects and functions that I need will actually work within the existing engine. When I say earth... It doesnt have to be detailed but only scale-wise it should be just as huge as real Earth compared to a building. Between those generic cities, there is no need for any kinds of details... A similar thing is also silent hunter series... They have real world sized maps with cities on the shores... Cities are quite details with realistic buildings and very unique looks. Even better example is the xplane 11 series and yes i know xplane 11 is very complicated thing and many people worked on it, what i have imagined is nothing that sort of complicated and can be modular... For example I could first create 10 cities with their 2-3 types of buildings and in each building around 5 characters (objects) that is roughly >>> 100 characters and objects and iit would be immediately playable ... oh MY GOD!!! That is it.... I should not first create all the cities but instead create 1 city 2 types of buildings and 5 objects in each building. Then just multiply it by 100 and see how engine can handle it!!!!! And then if it works... just expand it... The principle of the game can be played practically even if there are as little as just 5 or 10 cities very generic easy to make cities with around 100 objects unique objects in all of them.
  5. I understand... I mean I 100% agree with you. I will be smart and see what can be done That is very good idea! I will definitely be doing that. i actually made couple of things in unreal engine using the nodes and some tutorials so I did not code anything. But I know how the graphic system of the engine works and how to do what you have mentioned. I will definitely be doing that. AS for the dynamic loading and unloading that is another thing I will do. I will try to have a bunch of random objects with random functions doing the similar tasks Id need in a bunch of random buildings and see how well computer loads and unloads. IF I manage to solve that properly and prove myself that it can work, I am willing to start making re objects with functions and 3d models for those objects.
  6. Oh absolutely not! GTA type of a game is not something imagine... So let us say you would have around 100 cities and in each city you would only have 2 types of buildings per each city that would be specific for only certain parts of the map. That is all... it would be a strategy game so bottom line is: around 2 types of buildings. Each building would have around 5 objects with their specific characteristics so that is around 1000 objects (objects would all be very similar with similar functions but all slightly different, So for example in one building youd find a car with golden doors that open horizontally, in the other youd find a car with doors that open vertically and bigger trunk) I actually have the plan quite worked out so those numbers are not randomly given but indeed this is what it would be. I am 100% convinced it is possible. The genere of the game would be very weird and idk what to call it... The house was in Germany and it is/was my fathers house. Since I dont live there anymore and since I plan to move to America with my fiance, I decided it is best to sell it. The house was sold for 550k eur with taxes deducted. Time frame idk... This is a proof that it is possible: It onlz depends on the simplicity and number of objects involved. Whether procedurally created or not. This what I imagine would be 1000 objects at maximum that could be procedurally put into buildings and cities. And 200 types of buildings that would be proceduraly put into those cities. Everything else is not important. Grass, trees etc etc... Would be nice if something can be added, not mandatory for the gameplay.
  7. Thank you so much! That's a good read! I will look into this and research each and every topic... I am willing to do 1 -2 years of research and designing, testing and trials before actually going ahead with it. I have one question though... I have seen 5G in Shenzhen China providing almost instant remote control over computers. So people used cloud computing to play heavy games like Crysis 3 on their very cheap laptops (basically instant streaming service). 5G is crazy... Is there any way to plan ahead and implement a platform where users would actually be getting a stream of the software, rather than the software itself and as a compensation some computing power could be provided from a third party? THis is 100% definitely possible with 5G technology. 5G does not just mean higher bandwidth, that thing is fast as hell. I was still under impressions of what I've seen in China... The aim is to give that kind of strategic game on a small android phone for let's say 20 bucks a month.
  8. wow thank you so much for this helpful... comment I really appreciate it. Focused on the actual subject. I am driving back home will reply in about 20 minutes. One man has developed an incredibly good project and it takes my breath away: Something like this, just with more characters and functions. For example interactive clicks on characters or cars etc... When entering the building, would be able to do stuff inside of it interactively. This kind of algorithm sounds dumb and pointless but the possibilities are huge what could be made Also my game wouldn't be a game with prupose of me getting rich or idk... The game would be practically usable in some scientific and engineering things. Also with only 10 % of it developed, it would already be usable and ready for sale. Eventual cities and stuff would just be an upgrade. However ensuring that proper algorithms and designs have implemented so that future adding of "levels" and "sublevels" is possible would be actually mandatory.
  9. I HATE YOU! I literally HATE people like you. If I pay yes I tell them what engine to use. Some dumb programmer wants to use crappy game engine that he can easily program in and some java crap. Plus you move my thread to here? REally? THis is not a game design question??? Really???? Well if this isn't a game design question then i don't know what is. I am asking about designing the actual levels and THAT IS DESIGNING THE ACTUAL LEVELS literally! You feel competent to talk here and to judge??? Move my thread like that? Really? And then tell me to blindly listen to some scammer programmer?? Really?????? WOW thank you Tom... thanks a lot! So helpful
  10. you know what tom "Sloper", Did I ask you to tell me if my question is smart or not? Really? If you're not going to help then don't talk to me. Ney sayers are the worst kind of people. You know Tom, if I have 5 programmers telling me different things, how can i tell them apart? Are they supposably ALL good? Maybe you need to realize you're ignorant before judging peoples questions. BYE! You can lock my account with that attitude. I never said I'd be telling them what engine to use but I'd try to remotely understand what they are telling me and which one is right and which one is not. BYE!
  11. I have sold my house and and I am about to finance a game development where the planet Earth would be modeled and then let's say there would be 100 cities in which a user can zoom in and everything would just load in without a loading screen. Eventually the user should be able to zoom in into a single building and go inside of it. (many buildings can be easily just copies of 150 premodeled buildings). So I already sold my house so please do not try to tell me how "it is destined to fail". I only have one life I am willing to try something and other than that I have a small flat I currently live in for one person it is more than enough. So don't try to talk me out of this. It is too late... I am a 3d designer I will give my best to contribute and someone who is a programmer can be a good partner, I have couple of them interviewing now but I need to know how to formulate my interview and what to ask them. So when viewed from above entire earth would have its properties and behaviors and characters but then again zooming in to the city, rules and characters change and then of course once inside of a building new characters and rules. So on the streets we would have cars and clours above them. Inside of the building we would have a human standing and a toy car driving around him. Basically a level within a level within a level. Keep in mind, other than playing some games I have 0 experience in these things especially coding. So when I meet some programmers, I have to tell them what to do. What technique is best for this? what coding language? What game engine? Is Unreal engine suitable for this?
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