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  1. Hello Asherz! I started with the dream but after a few months I didn't have a great deal of progress so I started looking for help the other day! Programming is my only skill and I heavily underestimated how far just programming could get me - so far I have had a Writer, Voice Actor, 2 Composers, a programmer, and a designer & modeller approach me we would welcome you to join, the more help we get the faster it gets off the ground! It's fine if you are a little rusty, C++ is my hobby language my 9-5 involves Python & some PHP & Js work mostly. I have the MMO side of things mostly done, we can manage server resources, item tables & other databases like NPCs, Spells, etc all in the web - we can assign zones to specific server instances so we can scale as necessary. So far I have all instances running on my 1 demo server but for production we can go as far as having 1 specific zone running on 1 single server, with each having their own dedicated server for maximum performance. As far as the game world goes, there is a scripted instance and a basic zone, 1 character model, some mobs, a basic quest, and you can earn XP and level up and assign new points to a skill tree to unlock new spells. The focus now can be basically generating new content for the game world If that sounds interesting then I would love to have you, we are preparing this week to get what we do have really polished so we can get a demo out there. The server is far enough in development for me to put out a demo build (only for people involved on the project) so we can give it a little test, we are gonna be using Git which I am gonna set-up hopefully later today If it sounds interesting, PM me on here I will invite you to our Discord we are just doing it as a hobby project with a rev share agreement being drafted if we ever get to release, anything you create you own and feel free to use it on your website/portfolio or whatever and say "I made that"
  2. Matt Cockram

    Setting up Remote Job

    Hey @Altadsa I am a developer and I have done some contract work previously so I would like to give you my 2 cents. You say you are in the UK, if they are not going to 'register' you as an employee then you might very well be considered as 'self-employed''. There will still have to be some form of contractual agreement between you and the company - but essentially if you are sick, you want to take holiday, you want the benefits of being a employee etc; then you will not get them, or at least you won't be paid a penny for them anyway. If you are due to work but you are really sick and have to stay in bed, you will not be getting paid. You will also never get any paid holiday. All of this can be GIVEN to you by the company if outlined in your contract, but just know that they have 0 legal obligation to provide those things for you and therefore it is highly likely of a games company (who scrimp every penny then can) that they will not provide. Some instances in the UK however, you are considered a 'worker' - what this means is that they have to provide you with at least the minimum holiday entitlement, and pay you for it. But they do still do NOT have to pay you sick pay, pension, etc; it all depends on the circumstance of you work, how long you are working, etc; so might be worth asking for more money to cover these expenses. Unless you never want holiday and you are never sick 😅 Hope that helps!
  3. Are we ignoring the fact he sold his house? okay then
  4. Matt Cockram

    Making a dream come true!

    Hey check out my post on the Hobby Projects Classifieds I started developing my own MMO a few months ago and I have got to the stage where I need more help. I am a programmer myself, and I got some guys on sound & voice. What I am looking for is a creative mind for quest text, NPC text, main city names, map names, even a name for the game itself...( atm its just Projekt Alpha). I already have some dungeons & instances, mobs, mounts, items, skills, etc; and I have set-up the server which allows multiple connections into a game world. The game is still in very early stages of development though, it need a lot more content and the terrain & environment is what is lacking the most. If you want to contribute to my project I would be very grateful, in return I can show you what I am working on , how it works, and you can see the design process for a game and I can teach you some basic C++ and maybe you can make your own script, or a new item or something, to add to the game We have a small team already but we lack a creative mind and need one urgently, let me know if you want to hear more or if you are interested!
  5. It's fairly barebones at the moment, it is a fantasy MMO and I haven't thought of a name for it yet. At the moment I have a server set-up and code to process the login, a game world which will accept logins and you can see other players. I have started to develop the terrain and there is a world with a limited environment, some mobs, instances, basic quests, items, and abilities with mounts and I am developing an instance raid designed for 10 players. I am finishing polishing up some of the work I have done so far and I am going to release screenshots & videos then, not really got anything exciting to release until then. Why, are you interested? Character customisation, hours of content, a large detailed game world, sound, assets etc; these are things that my game are missing. I can just keep adding coded instances, quests, etc; but I am looking for others to do some of the other tasks like writing quest text or designing assets for my mesh characters.
  6. Project Name : Projekt Alpha 0.01 ( Name to be Announced, Projekt Alpha is a placeholder name) Genre : MMORPG (Fantasy) Description: A 3D MMORPG game made in the Unreal Engine as a side-project. This game is till in the early stages of development, I will need people to contribute to the game with things like Art, Design, Story, Music, basically everything that isn't programming/Unreal Engine related I will definitely need some assistance with. Current stage of development: The game allows you to register and login to an online game world, my first task was to setup the databases and login systems needed for the game. There is a 3d world with some beautiful landscapes, and the ability to create a character with deep customisation options. Quests, XP points, and character levels have no place yet but they are the next to be added. Keeping up with the development: Got serious skills with any 3D modelling, art, sound, graphics, design, level building, story? I would love to get you on the project so that you can help out officially! If it doesn't really sound like your thing, then at least hit the follow button so that you can keep up to date with any latest developments. The first screenshots and trailer are going to be appearing this week.
  7. Thank you I am hoping that it will be a nice addition into a portfolio for a student or junior developer, writers designer or what have you. If it ever becomes a success that would be great but it's an awesome hobby more than anything and see where it goes
  8. Firstly, I will patch the game and support as and when necessary. If it ever got to that stage honestly I would be setting maintenance schedules and hiring some extra help. Currently I have no plans for those skills due to the games early prototype stage, I mean I have a server that is running now that can be logged into and view other players so I am not thinking anymore about networking until Pre-alpha. I have the resources to be able to scale performance as necessary if it came to that stage. I have enough financial health to get the game running and keep it up for a few months without any input. However if the game made no money I would have to pull it. The game will have a large map but will be instanced by region into smaller servers :) Lastly I will run a crowdfunding/kickstarter if we ever get close to release. I have what it takes but honestly I need another few people with a similar attitude to make it happen
  9. Hello I am a full-time professional developer so the current spare time I have been putting towards this has only been a few hours a week for the past few months. I was determined to put out a 3D MMORPG game, and I wanted to do it on my own. However, the sheer amount of work that goes into creating an MMO means that unless I cut corners (which I do not do), I will be working on this game for about 10 years. So I am looking for anyone who is willing to contribute to the game in some way. Story, Art, Assets, Mapping, Sound,Design. Chances are if it helps make up an MMO, and you have a skill in that area, then I need your help. I have the software development covered but if anyone else wants to assist me with some programming I would more than welcome the help, providing you have a somewhat decent understanding of C++ or would be willing to be very studious in learning. Game Development has been my hobby since I learnt to code, but this is the first time I am making anything on this scale, my previous projects have been smaller and non-MMO games that I have been able to develop myself with the help of some assets provided by others. I am looking for other hobbyists in their respective skills who want to be a part of a bigger project, and want to have fun and learn new things whilst doing it. I am realistic in my goals, the MMO market is very competitive and the odds are that we will never make much money or ever finish the game completely due to the sheer size and amount of content an MMO game needs. That is okay with me, as it is a hobby and I enjoy the process. (I always dream of making it big though!) It would be beneficial for all involved if you kept a similar mindset as well The game's project page is a little bare as I have only just created the page today, but I will have some artwork/screenshots & videos going up there over the next few days. If you aren't really interested in getting stuck in with development, I would appreciate if you at least give me a follow so you can keep up with any updates and see my game coming to life. MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH VERSION CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are interested, add me on discord: Powermadmatt#4706, PM me on here, or write a comment below. Let me know what your particular skill is and I will contact you further and fill you in on the project so far.
  10. Matt Cockram

    (To Be Announced) Projekt Alpha 0.01

    Album for (To Be Announced) Projekt Alpha 0.01
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