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  1. David.jones

    Making a dream come true!

    Yeah that was my first worry starting out. I didnt want people to think I wasnt serious or maybe to much of a dreamer and nothing really to offer at the moment. But I am learning and I hope I'll be able to learn more from everyone
  2. David.jones

    Making a dream come true!

    Yeah, I feel like I want to try and get into programming. I think I could do it and I know its not going to be a walk in the park and take time. I'd like to learn so I can offer more in a team if I ever get to that point. I've dabbled in D&D and enjoyed what I played and will probably try some more! I also do a bit of writing mostly personal so nothing published yet but maybe some day! Thanks for the insight it is really helpful! I know all this will take time and hard work. But I feel I could do it for sure
  3. David.jones

    Making a dream come true!

    Yeah I've been browsing around and taking looks at everything
  4. David.jones

    Making a dream come true!

    Yeah! I feel like I could bring the writing to the table. And some idea or maybe being able to help someone flush out their own thought process. Looking into game design I think I could come up with a concept and get an outline and maybe find some people who would want to help or give some feedback at some point.
  5. David.jones

    Making a dream come true!

    It's awesome to see someone with the same dream as me!! You are already a programmer so I think you are a bit ahead of me in that aspect. As far as what i want. I'm not an artist to that leaves programming and game design ( which really I dont know what all this one entails) I could do the programming and learn it. I know creative words and ideas dont get the crowd funding I would need to start anything. But maybe I would be fit for a team? Right now I'm just exploring this as a passion if mine I'd like to get into more and give my life a bit more substance. I love games and being able to help create something others would love? That would be awesome
  6. David.jones

    Making a dream come true!

    Oh definitely! I understand programming and gaming are two different activities! I just feel like my love for gaming and all that would benefit me if I decide I want to make a game. It doesn't necessarily have to be an mmorpg that is just my fav genre of gaming and I also know money is needed got such things! I think I could learn programming but it would not just be my main thing. It would I think help me understand everything alot better if I learned a little. I appreciate the reply and the advice! I will definitely look around and see what I may he able to learn and be able to do as i said this is a dream and if I could somehow make a career out of it in the future that be amazing!
  7. David.jones

    Making a dream come true!

    Hey guys!! Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the look and potential advice! As the title says I really want to make a dream come true by being able to create and put out a game for the phone or pc! I've always had a love got games and i really got into them when i first started playing mmorpg on the PC. WoW was an inspiration and the many games that came after it. Ever since the beginning of my gaming life I've always thought about " how cool would it be to create a game for people to enjoy?". I've played many and everyone of themhad its ups, downs, uniqueness and similarities. I have ideas and I think I am a good creative writer, but lack the skills on programming and art work ( I doubt a game of stick figures would go well for me) so I am looking for help on where to go, who would like to help and explore my brain and give me some advice. I am looking into coding because I would like to learn, but dont think that would be my role. Any advice would be welcome! My dream is to have a successful mmmorpg mobile game or maybe even a PC game like WoW or so many other fantastic mmorpgs. So I guess my question would be " where should I start?" I thinking learning code would be a good start even if i dont think it would be my role in a team. Any suggestions would help Thanks again for the read I hope to explore and learn more with you guys!
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