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  1. This is my side project in the middle of a larger project. A side project, which I eventually ended up spending more time than originally planned. As always, as always happens to us developers, right 😂? I made everything from programming to graphics, from rigging to animations, the trailer, pretty much everything except the music myself, so it has been lots of new things to learn. Anyway, here is the trailer: And here the Steam page for some more information and screenshots. Feel free to give suggestions or feedback!
  2. While I like the overall graphics of the menu, background and characters, the Gem symbols in the gem puzzle seem a bit lacking, especially if that is going to be a big part of the game. They don`t look "shiny" enough, are a bit too flat on color palette to look gems. If that is just only 1 puzzle in the game then nevermind, but if you see the screen often (like in Puzzle Quest), I think those elements could be polished a little bit.
  3. SpikyPike

    The Real Man Summer Championship 2019

    Inspired by the classic NES and Arcade sports games such as Track & Field, Gold Medal Challenge, The Real Man Summer Championship offers 8 different action packed and tactical mini games brought in life with modern graphics. Made in goofy over-the-top way, brought into life by silly characters and ridiculous competitions.
  4. SpikyPike

    The Real Man Summer Championship 2019

    Album for The Real Man Summer Championship 2019
  5. Small thing, but you have a typo in your store page: "Uprage your Kisok " Game seems fun little casual management game!
  6. Hello, I am releasing a small game this summer, and would like to get some outside opinions and testing for different machines for it. The job is not paid, but I am not asking much from the testers; just play the game casually for a while (30mins, hour or so), and fill a small survey. You will get the gamekey for final game, my gratitude, and your name/nickname in the credits, if you want so. Note that the game is in phase that I am not going to do any major changes to it anymore, so unfortunately I cannot listen to big creative ideas about "hey make a stage where you do this or this" etc, since I cant prolong the schedule forever for this. So testing is more about finding bugs, performance, and of course if game is too hard to understand, I will have to make it more accessible. If small ideas are not too time demanding and sound fun, of course I will concider adding those though! I have the trailer out for it probably next week, and first beta released about the same time. Oh, and game style? I guess it falls into "casual", "indie", "meme", "humor" categories, but Ive spent time to make it look decent. Basically, its 8 minigames (+variations of them you unlock later) in one game, inspired by the classic NES and Arcade sports games such as Track & Field, Gold Medal Challenge, Skate or Die, etc. The release and beta test will be through Steam. System requirements; tb found out. -I expect it to run on low-medium settings with gtx 560ti and better, and I know it runs 60+fps on high settings with gtx 970. -Processor ? Medium level gaming PC processor from 2013 or newer should be good enough. -2.5GB of HD (currently, I will optimize this later) -4GB of memory -DX11, 64bit Windows Thank you for showing interest!
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