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  1. Old Rambler

    Writing for a Village

    Our game is going to be small in scope and only one level really needs 'heavy' NPC dialogue. By heavy, I mean about 10 NPCs that you're able to briefly converse with as you walk through the character's village and pass by neighbors and friends. There will be more NPCs going about their daily routine in the background, but many will not be interactable. I really appreciate the response -- scope creep is a crafty devil. I can see how dialogue might sneak up on me if I'm not careful. I like it. Thanks for the advice! -Dan
  2. Old Rambler

    Writing for a Village

    Crashbang, that was awesome! Very helpful. One of the things your post made me realize was that I've probably been too focused on the development of the main character as opposed to cultural development. I loved your examples of villager personalities within the 'Violent Orc Village.' I'm gonna change some dialogue up to develop the world at large and give the NPCs depth with their personal concerns. Throwing some humor in will help it out too. The reason I'm going to include some subtle foreshadowing into the conversations is to make the interactions rewarding to the player who decides to go through all of these optional conversations. I don't want it to be an overt spoiler of what is to come, but I would like to have it so dedicated players can have an "oh shit! this is from the conversation with that lady" kind of moment. I think that'd be a nice touch. Thanks a lot for your thought-out response! If you want to watch the game come together, you can follow our progress on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-BAM17lS0Almry96WgFo7Q Best -Dan
  3. Old Rambler

    Writing for a Village

    Hey there, Has anyone written dialogue for interactable villagers before? What did you set as your aim for the interactions between player and NPC? Humor, deeper understanding of the main character, foreshadowing, giving each individual their own unique personality / concerns, or something else entirely? Best, Dan
  4. Old Rambler

    Oh no...

    Oh Lord, what have I done? This is my first time using the site and I'm not sure what I just did. I was trying to post this: Me and a couple dudes are making a video game about an alcoholic lumberjack who's a terrible father (what's not to love?). We make videos about the process. Here's one of them:
  5. Old Rambler

    Enmity Rising

    Album for Enmity Rising
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