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  1. I know all of this you mentioned about. My question is -> Is there any other engine than unity or godot, which provides high level api for networking. I only need a simple two player game like tic tac toe, which can be played remotly with two clients.
  2. I said that I've already done it. On unity and godot. I need one more engine to complete my task. I know I have to define how this happenes, but with High Level Api of Unity and Godot it is very simplified. In unity i used PUN server and and Godot uses PacketPeer implementation using the ENet library. I just need the easiest way to accomplish the task. Still I understand a little about networking itself to be honest.
  3. Hi I am searching through the net to find engines which are capable of creating multiplayer games in easy way. It’s a part of my programing task at collage. I’ve already “mastered” Unity and Godot engines for that purpose. They have high level api for that, which im fond of. I just need to create simple 2D games like tic tac toe over the network… Now I'm learing a defold engine with a colyseus server based on node.js, but I'm not sure if i'm capable of understand it without any real tutorials...(there's one example, but currently not working cause of colyseus serialization update). I'm a beginner in gameDev world to be honest. My main language is C#, but I don't care what language I'll need to learn. I comprehended GDscript from godot, which is python like in short time. I'd really appriciate any help or advices.
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