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  1. Pasarel Studios

    Bucket Splash

    Hello , my game is a simple android game in which you need to doge different obstacles, you get points and pass levels.Is just a simple game that you can play casually when you are bored or have nothing to do. I really want your feedback , every comment is welcome, bad or good . You have a demo in attachments , contact me on instagram. BucketSplashV1.2.0.5.apk
  2. Pasarel Studios

    New Game Developer

    Hello , my name Is Alex and I am 17 years old Android game developer newbie. Today I want to share my first game project and I want your feedback ,even it is bad or good everything is appreciated,for this demo you only have 6 levels , enjoy! (Demo attached).Thank you for passing by and have a Nice Day! Contact me on : instagram : @pasarel.studios_ Patreon : PasarelStudios (I only created a patreon because I dont have money to pay the Google Play store fee) BucketSplashV1.2.0.5.apk
  3. Pasarel Studios

    Bucket Splash

    Album for Bucket Splash
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