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    When Darkness Falls

    REALLY EARLY DEVELOPMENT. DEMO VERSION WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. There's always been something wrong about those woods surrounding your village. Something evil. Yet, you never thought about it for too long - you were never allowed to get too close, to think about it for too long, to wonder what was hiding in the shadows. You've heard the bedtime stories, over and over and over again. You knew what happened to children that dared to disobey their mamas. But one night, everything changes. You wake up in the middle of the forest, surrounded by terrifying creatures and with no memories of how you even got there in the first place. You don't know the way back to the village, and you don't know how you'll survive through the night. Alone. In the dark. But you know something very important: you have to go home. You have to find your mama, one way or another. Unfortunately, the darkness lurking in the woods won't make your life any easier. ------------- FEATURES: Rich story (in my opinion, of course) Music and sound effects fitting the atmosphere Too many secrets hidden in strange spots (better keep an eye out for them) Too many endings, but not enough good endings You'll need to explore a lot to reach the true ending Saving feature? Nah, we explore games like crazy people. Saving has been disabled so be careful not to die. Fullscreen lover? Fear not! You only need to press F1 to make the game fullscreen. You only need a mouse to progress in the story. Click click! Interactive story! Your choices dictate which ending you'll get. ------------- This is a narrative / text-based horror game in early stages of development. Stay tuned for more updates as we work on!
  2. MikeColt

    When Darkness Falls

    Album for When Darkness Falls
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