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  1. Alexander Meade

    Some demo pieces

    So, the battle theme is pretty good and stands really well on its own as a piece of music. A few things that could use improvement are the samples definitely need some massaging and the drop in energy in the B section of the piece (the rhythmic composite change) might feel weird if you were playing a game and battling to it. Though you could probably keep the material and have it work if you were to continue the rhythmic drive through it. Seriously though, great work! The piece is awesome! I look forward to hearing more of your music. -Alex https://www.alexmeademusic.com/
  2. Alexander Meade

    Reverberation and all about space in Game (music & sound fx)

    So, your question is pretty broad and hard to determine what part of sound and reverb are you asking about. Are you asking how music gets panned in the headphones, when music should be playing, or how much reverb should someone use? I might be able to answer a more specific question and would love to discuss this further. Just what direction about sound and reverb are you looking to get into?
  3. Alexander Meade

    Critique My Website!

    Thank you for the critiques, I really appreciate it! I definitely have a lot more questions about the industry. Could I PM you some of them?
  4. Alexander Meade

    Critique My Website!

    I'm a young composer who just finished his undergrad and will be heading to NYU in the fall. I wanted to make sure that my website is ready to start directing potential collaborators to. Any input would be great! https://www.alexmeademusic.com/
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