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  1. Thank you for your answer, the article seems very interesting, however one thing that still is not clear to me is which is the optimum development stage for starting to advertise a game and more specifically for a game as described in my first post. moreover before paying someone for marketing I would like first to get some feedback from people that are interested in this particular genre and which would be the best platform to do it, but first it seems reasonable to show some of my work (main screens and videos) and for that I am thinking of making a website.
  2. For the past 3 years I have been consistently working solo in my free time (I am a programmer) on a space game that can be described with the following keywords: 3d top down, desktop, single player, space, real time, open-world, combat, exploration, missions, trading The stage of my game which I consider in pre-alpha is the following: 1. prototype ready and playable 2. core gameplay concepts and mechanics are complete and implemented 3. 3d models (spaceships, planets) and effects (i.e. explosions) from the store (the models are good though) 4. core ui concept implemented with some programming ui art (the art will almost certainly change later) 5. some sfxs (i.e. explosions and ui sfxs) 6. No title yet Certainly the project is far from completion but I was thinking whether it is now the right time to start showing my work, draw some attention and maybe get some help, but not sure where to start and what to do since there is a lack of experience on these aspects of development. I was thinking the following: 1. dedicated Web site with forum, wiki to expose the details of the gameplay show screenshots etc 2. reddit 3. videos on youtube with updates however I am concerned whether those side projects (especially the web site) are going to draw significant amount of time from the actual game development.
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