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  1. Unfortunately not as it is a voluntary position.
  2. Coders needed urgently for a small project. Perfect for experience and C.VHave you just graduated from University and in need of experience?Would you like something to put on your C.V to show employers that you have worked on a team before?Would you like to work with a game just like Fusionfall that is trying to revive itself?Well if you are interested look no further!Football Superstars is an MMO created in 2008. The game is built around become a football(soccer) superstar and rising the ranks to glory. The game is a very ambitious and was featured on steam back in 2012.The game used to be very popular with over 5,000 active players and was renowned around the world as being the first of its kind in the Sporting MMO industry. The game still has a lot of potential but due to the neglect of the game by previous owners the game lacks a developer capable of making impactful changes to the game.As the game was created in 2008 with an unique engine created by Monumental Games, it’s a perfect opportunity for aspiring game developers to gain necessary experience in career progression The language requirements are to be discussed with the current game owner(most likely c++)If you are interested in this role please feel free to contact me on discord at surveyfs@gmail.com or on discord at Jinxie#5260.
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