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  1. Great examples thanks! I see what you mean more clearly now. Yes, the attack and envelope of the sample generated in most of the VST's I use can be manipulated, I'll mess around with that on my next composition to emphasize the rhythmic feel.
  2. Thank you for your feedback lawnjelly! All the instruments are virtual instruments programed and quantized in midi (except for the slide lead guitar in piece 2). Which means they were placed precisly on the rythmic grid in order to be in time. Piece 4 (the trailer) was inetntionaly not in a 4/4 rythm which does give the odd timing feeling. But its still in time. If I remeber correctly it was written in 9/8, because I thought that rythm added more suspense to the melody. Maybe you can share with me an example of what you would refer as an industry standard in your eyes?
  3. Hey everyone, new here. I've always dreamed to work in the film or gaming music industry as a composer. I've been playing guitar for 17 years and got into composing about 10 years ago. I'm trying to get my first "job" in the industry and heard many that recommend working for free just to get my foot in the door. I thought about sending my materials via emails to producers in the industry but I hate the idea of spamming someones inbox and generally think that this approach will have no results. I don't have any connections in the industry and I am not sure what should be my next steps to get my first project. My portfolio is rather short, I wrote 3 pieces that could be used as TV series intro, or as games menu music: I also downloaded a trailer for the movie "Interstellar" and wrote new music for it (including recording and directing a voice actress and sound FX): I'd love to hear your feedback! and any advice on how to take the next steps in this path... Thanks
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