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  1. Bianca Maistre

    Idea for an app but don't know where to start :(

    I've been looking at TONS of tutorials on youtube about ARKit facial recognition and none of them mention Teeth... am I better off going with object recognition? rather than facial recognition?
  2. Bianca Maistre

    Idea for an app but don't know where to start :(

    Thank so much
  3. Bianca Maistre

    ARkit facial detection for teeth

    Thanks! it's for a game where the player can brush enemies away on the teeth. Like the more you brush the enemy floats away in a bubble and pops. is it possible?
  4. Hey I've been looking at lots of tutorials on ARkit and facial recognition... is there a way to make it pick up where your teeth are when you smile? and have tracking for it?
  5. I have had this idea for a game app for years and I've studied game development since 2014 but never got taught phone apps. I can use unreal 4 really well as well as animate, model, texture etc using maya. I want to make an app that uses the front camera (like snapchat does!) and to have it pointed at the mouth.. I need object recognition. and enemies to appear on your teeth! you then brush them away. Where on earth do I even start??
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