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  1. Lopiv

    Space Shooter Customizable

    Well, I was thinking of doing some kind of discord server, organize channels and positions(programmer, artist, tester, etc..) and so on. After that i Will try to create some kind of repository in GitHub or wherever...
  2. Lopiv

    Space Shooter Customizable

    No sorry. I currently dont have any repo just because im working alone. Anyway if some day i have a team, i Will create a repo. By the moment, i have all my ideas and issues written in a document....
  3. I´m making a project based on X-Wing Alliance (Some kind of that game but upgraded to the nowadays technology). The idea I´m currently developing is a Space Shooter totally customizable (Add missions, add ships, planets, etc....) built in Unity 2017. I´m just making things of C# programming, 3D modelling, animation and so on. The help i´m asking for is for filling the next Areas: Gameplay programmer: Fix the current spaceship controlling system, shooting targets, turret movement, hangar landing, floating origin solutions, procedural content generator, and so on... UI Designer: Making all the UI or at least fixing the existant. Mods programmer: Developing a whole solution about integrating mods in the game in an easy way for the user. 3D Modelling and FX: I have some 3d models from some webs and some others edited and created by me, but it would be nice to have some more missing models i can´t find anywhere, as well as creating beautiful and good FX for the ships.
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