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  1. I to have Visual Studio installed. I have some minor problems with it, they say the newer version is better,faster and easier to use, but I find I am not really that comfortable with it. There is a lot to it, though they say it is simple to use. Some things I can't seem to get to work for me. But it is probably more because I haven't taken the time to learn all of it. I am studying python and I mainly use the Python shell with the manuals, it is easier and for HTML and Gaming I use Firefox browser with tutorials, since I am studying Gaming in browser API's. I did download UNITY tool for gaming but it has so much bologna when downloading, they want to know if your gonna use it for production or to make money from it, like signing your life off just to use it, but I have found that Firefox's free 3D software is better and easier to use and Blender is just as good and easier to use!, and they don't ask for your life to sign up. So, I kind of like the bells and whistles straight out of the box, simple, not complicated! But maybe someday I will get use to Visual Studio! I use it when I am bored.
  2. BingBong

    Newbie on the block

    Well, I guess newbie should explain it! My coding journey is a complicated one. I have been studying several aspects of coding sparingly for a while. I came across gaming while exploring HTML, CSS, and Java Script. Use of API's on CANVAS style elements in gaming. Rendering in web browser. So, that is where I am basically, I kind of went this route because i have a minor background in mathematics. And it has kind of rekindled my Math years. In a nutshell, functions are a big part of gaming as i can see, and math is a big part of functions, and coding is a big part of computers, and here is where the adventure lies. So maybe i can learn some more from this site. Hopefully! Thanks a bunch!
  3. BingBong

    Newbie on the block

    Not much to say, except I am a newbie on game development, been studying MDN Firefox, know some HTML, CSS, Java, just touching on python,, getting it down pretty good, got a ways to go on python, but I am going over some of the math right now, doesn't seem real complicated. Kind of a self taught physicist I find it very interesting. Would like to develop games as I get better at it. Hope to benefit from this site, kind of extra learning I need other than MDN. . And maybe help as I get better. Thanks a bunch !
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